Ways to Totally Transform the Look of Your Home

After living in the same house for five or ten years, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to become tired of the same old look. But instead of moving every time you become tired of your home’s cosmetic appearance, why not invest in some simple renovation projects that have the potential to change the entire look of your house?

Give Your House a Dramatic New Look

Houses are a lot like anything else – including fashion and technology – they’re stylish and trendy one moment and dated the next. But while you may donate your old clothing and trade in your suddenly-obsolete smartphone, you don’t just give up on a house. Instead, work with what you have and try to bring it up to date with the rest of the neighborhood.

This sounds nice in theory, but most homeowners don’t have the means to invest in dramatic remodels – so they choose to continue living in a dated home. But what if we told you that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to renovate your house? With the following simple projects, you can transform your home’s look without a massive budget.

  • Paint the Exterior

If you’re looking to make a big change, painting your exterior a new color can completely transform your existing look into something that’s more modern and stylish.

For example, one major trend over the past couple of years has been to paint red brick white. While it’s certainly not for everyone, it’s one option. If you have vinyl siding, you can either paint it or replace it.

  • Add on a Front Porch

Do you currently have an unassuming entry to your home? You can change the entire look of the front of your house by building a porch (or extending an existing one). Outdoor living space never goes out of style and you’ll be glad that you did it.

  • Install a Fireplace

If you currently have a bland fireplace – or none at all – installing a new fireplace with a unique design can dramatically enhance the overall look of your interior living areas. Don’t believe us? Check out this Jetmaster gallery to get inspired. Whether it’s an inbuilt single, double-sided, or freestanding unit, the creative options are unlimited.

  • Address the Landscaping

If you aren’t afraid to get a little sweaty, you can change the look of your home’s curb appeal with a little landscaping. Options include:

  • Re-sod your yard to get lush, green grass.
  • Plant flower beds by your front porch to add some color to your house.
  • Replace an old chain-link fence with a nicer painted fence.
  • Resurface a cracked or worn-out driveway.
  • Install privacy shrubs to create more secluded spaces.
  • Renovate your backyard with an outdoor fireplace or new patio.


  • Change Your Front Door

Your front door gets a lot more visual attention than most homeowners realize. If yours looks dated, giving it a fresh coat of paint could bring it back to life. Bright colors are really popular right now, but you also can’t go wrong with a soft white or dark wood.

  • Install a New Garage Door

“Whether you’d like to bring a cohesive quality to your home’s exterior, better accent an existing architectural feature, or totally change things up, turn first to your garage door,” home improvement expert Oliver Harriett writes. You can either install a new door or spruce up your existing one by adding hardware or repainting it.

  • Tear Down a Wall

One of the biggest differences between houses built today and houses that were constructed 30 or 40 years ago is that modern ones feature much more open floor plans. Everything flows from one space to the next, rather than being segmented with doors and walls.

To make an old home more functional and appealing, look for an opportunity to tear down an interior wall – such as one that exists between a living room and kitchen.

Breathe Life Into Your Home

Who says it takes a massive remodeling budget to give your house a new, fresh look? With simple tasks like installing a fireplace or tearing down a constricting interior wall, you can totally change the look of your home. What will you choose to do?