Wave-Weaving Wisdom: How to Get More Comfortable With Surfing 

Riding the ocean waves not only looks good but feels good too, although you might not enjoy this best sport that mother-nature has to offer due to fear. Now, though, it’s time to put on your wetsuit and get ready to hit the waves more comfortably than before. 

A number of surfers are set back by fear, regardless of its origin, you can be overcome what is holding you back and use it to your advantage. Being confident is all about seeing the advantages and disadvantages and choosing not to give up regardless of any obstacles in your way.

As such, here are a few ways that you can become more comfortable with surfing:

1. Know Your Dreams And Fears

First of all, you need to know your surfing goal. Are you working towards riding a certain size of wave or do you just want to learn a few cool moves and tricks? Once you know what your dream is, you will be focused on achieving them. If you have your goals set then you can handle other physical obstacles one at a time and as you handle each you will be more comfortable with surfing.

2. Practicing Apnea

A wave can leave you submerged for 5 to 10 seconds so breathing exercises can help you to become more accustomed to this. More specifically, Apnea exercises will help you stay underwater for a cool minute. When practicing apnea you should: 

● Quickly breathe for 10 seconds then submerge for 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat this as much as you can. Do this while under the water too.

● Swim for 25 meters in a swimming pools surface or with your head out of the water and another 23 while submerged.

3. Exercise

Improving your physical condition will help a great deal in improving your cardiorespiratory performance. You can swim, run, cycle, sign up to a gym or get into bodybuilding, whichever you are most comfortable that will help you to get as physically fit as possible.

Surfing works a lot of muscles and when you start exercising you will loosen up your muscles and you will be more flexible and comfortable as you surf.

4. Psychological training

You will begin to feel calmer when you train your lung capacity. This will help you consume less oxygen and you will also increase your self-confidence. After training for a while you will downsize your fear and take more control of your body.

Training your mind is the greatest weapon of conquering your fears, building confidence and a sense of security while surfing.

5. Do Not Surf Alone

As you being your surfing journey, get a friend to surf with or join a team or a school. This way you will feel more comfortable to try out different surfing techniques because you know someone is watching you just in case. With time you will be more confident and ready to fly solo. Surfing lessons will also help you to gain courage and to conquer any fears that you might have.

6. Take It A Step At A Time

Try not to push yourself too hard and avoid surfing when it is cold or when you are tired. Surf on a beach that you know quite well, so that you can feel safe.

Start with your comfort zones and increase gradually as you gain courage. You will find yourself riding the huge waves without even realizing it. 

In conclusion, surfing is all about fun and it is an exercise or a sport and to get the best out of it you have to be comfortable, confident, and courageous. With this guide, you will be able to stay completely calm as you surf and enjoy the waves.

Remember, even the world’s greatest surfers had to conquer fears and be comfortable to get to the top. You may not want to get into pro surfing, but you definitely want to enjoy every minute on your surfboard and this is one of the ways of doing so.