Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas 

So your friends have moved into a new home and they’re hosting a party to show off their space. But what do you bring?

You may want to bring something more unique than a toaster or a lawn mower. It should be something that will stand out and be remembered by the homeowners for years to come. Here are some fun gift ideas to bring next time you head to a housewarming party.


Wall decor

Your friends will have a whole new house to decorate, so why not help them out and get them a pretty gift they can look at every single day? A good example of this is to buy canvas prints with pictures of something important to them.

It could be a picture from a wedding, their family, their pet, or even favorite place to visit. Canvas prints are unique and quite different than your traditional picture in a frame, and your loved ones will enjoy looking at the piece every single day.

A homemade craft

It’s no secret that there are tons of items out there to buy for a housewarming. But why not go a different route and buy your friends something that was handmade just for them?

Pieces like a custom last name embroidery picture or a wall hanger with their picture on it will mean that much more to them. Plus, the piece will stand the test of time because it’s so original and unique.

Holiday decor

There’s nothing like decorating a new home for all of the holidays for the first time. So why not help out and add some holiday decor to their collection?

This is a fun idea because most likely, the people in the new home haven’t thought yet about the upcoming holiday. And they’ll be that much more excited to decorate using the items you give them!

There are a ton of holidays you can shop for, but Christmas is the most fun. To find quality items, search “buy Christmas lights near me” and you can get some ideas.

Wine and a wine rack

Who doesn’t love wine? Not only should you bring some wine to the housewarming party, but you can bring a stash for the owners to enjoy in their new house. Grab a unique wine rack and fill it with a variety of wines to make a cool gift that will keep on giving.


Essential oils are currently having their 15 minutes of fame, and there’s a reason why many people are enjoying them. These plant extracts are known for a variety of health and wellness benefits, as well as being able to be diffused their pleasant aromas into a room.

Luckily, aromatherapy diffusers are quite easy to find, and you can add a set of brand new essential oils in your favorite scents to round out the gift. Throw in a guide to mixing the oils together to create customized blends, and the house will be smelling wonderful in no time at all.


There is no such thing as too many cookbooks! With the variety of cuisines out there, branch out of your comfort zone and grab a cookbook for the new home owners to experiment and try out.

It you wanted to go an extra step, you can include a piece of crockery or a bunch of colorful utensils to match the book. Or, if you want to be funny, include a gift card to your local food delivery service in case their first recipe doesn’t come out too great.

All of these items make for a great housewarming present, so take your pick and you’ll sure to be the highlight of any housewarming party.