Ultimate Guide To Men’s Work Shirts

Opting for the same old plain work short day in and day out can become quite monotonous, especially when taking into account that there truly so much variety out there, there is absolutely no reason why your workwear should be mundane. This ultimate guide to men’s work shirts will help you add vibrancy and variety to your wardrobe with ease. 

Keeping The Classics

When searching for the perfect work shirts, finding the right style ad fit can be a bit tricky, although, it would be wise to stick to the classic styles and plain colors. You will need to have a small selection of basic fitted work shirts before adding playful pattern shirts and trying out new styles. Great base colors to look for include black, white, navy blue, and even pink. When adding new additions to your smart shirt collection, it is a great idea to get inspired by John Henric.

Trying New Styles

The wide range of styles may be somewhat overwhelming, especially because some styles are far more suitable for formal events such as weddings. Button cuffs and french cuffs are probably the best options for workwear, while cocktail cuffs would be more appropriate for an elegant wedding. Even though smart shirts may all seem quite similar at first glance, even the smallest details can have a massive impact on your general look. As a rule of thumb, the more formal your shirt style is, the less loud the fabric choice should be, this means opting for plain color choices is best for formal shirts, while playful colors and patterns are perfectly suitable for less formal smart shirts. Paying attention to the smaller details is key when adding variety to your workwear wardrobe. 

Collar Options

When it comes to office dress codes, your choice of shirt collar style is usually entirely up to you. However, button-down collars are usually only appropriate when worn with a well-coordinated tie. In addition to this, pointed collars are also quite formal and may not be the best choice for business-casual dress codes.

Sleeve Length

Long sleeve shirts are essential for every man’s work wardrobe. While a smart long sleeve shirt will keep your look formal and crisp even when you remove a blazer, they are also perfect for dressing up a pair of denim jeans. On the other hand, short sleeve shirts are understandably more casual and would compliment a business-casual dress code when paired with a pair of chinos. Therefore, adding variety to your workwear wardrobe means you should add both sleeve lengths.

Fabric Selection

One of the best aspects of work shirts is that there really are no guidelines for fabric choices. While the fabric choices are almost endless, there are certain choices that would be best for comfort and versatility. Therefore, cotton, twill, oxford, and cotton poplin should be among your candidates when adding to your wardrobe. The fabric of a shirt speaks volumes about its quality, which is why trying out different fabrics may not be the best way to add variety.