Trending Smart Home Automation Gadgets

Home automation is every homeowner’s dream but then, having a fully automated house is not a joke. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a one-time investment where you buy all the automation devices once. You can start slow by slow with the primary Smart home devices and upgrade to others as time goes by. If you are thinking of an awesome Smart home device to add to your household, here are the top trending Smart home devices.

Have more control on doors with Smart locks and cameras

Today, Smart locks are industry leaders in Smart home security. These devices allow homeowners to control their locks remotely. If you are the type that forgets to lock the door, then a Smart lock is what you need.

The advanced models are so intelligent that they will close the door if you forget to lock it or automatically

unlock when you are near the door. But the best thing about them is their advanced security. While it may not be secure than a traditional bolt, at least it has a mechanism for notifying homeowners in case of a break in or tamper on the lock. There are also some models that will help you monitor who’s around your door.

But the most significant advantage of Smart locks is the variety of access methods available. The traditional deadbolt can be opened using the key only. However, Smart locks like Schlage and Yale can be opened using a PIN code entered via a touchscreen or keypad. The access codes can be given to different members of the household or staff members in the case of organizations.

Lastly, Smart locks work with other home automation platforms, for example, Alexa, SmartThings, Homekit, and so on. They can also pull a range of intelligent security measures.

Cut down energy bills with a Smart Thermostat

Managing your HVAC system is a demanding task because your regular thermostat requires manual adjustment. How about having a dedicated system that regulates the thermostat. That’s precisely what a Smart thermostat does.

If you live in areas with extreme weather, a Smart thermostat will make life easy. You just need to set your desired HVAC settings, and the Smart thermostat does the rest. One advantage of these new thermostats is that they are very accurate and efficient. Besides, they can adapt to your lifestyle and some advanced models like Nest Learning will now be managing the HVAC autonomously after learning your lifestyle for a week or so.

Apart from the advantages of the intelligent system and Smart connectivity, a Smart thermostat will save you a great deal at the end of the month when paying your energy bills. You understand that your HVAC system is a guzzler and so installing an efficient thermostat will cut down unnecessary consumption. But not all Smart thermostats will cut down your energy bills. Buy household names like Ecobee3 and Ecobee4; their efficiency is proven.

Get real-time surveillance with a smart camera

In the past, CCTV surveillance footage was recorded for future reference. However, the coming of Smart cameras has revolutionized the industry entirely. Actually, these days, it’s hard to find people buying the old wired cameras; Smart cameras took over.

Smart cameras can connect to a storage drive or transfer the data to online storage for example Cloud. But the best thing about Smart cameras is that they support real-time surveillance remotely. You can see what’s happening on your gate, door or hallways even when you are miles away. The only thing required is the Smartphone App and stable Wi-Fi connection. Two of the best Smart Cameras in the market are Arlo and Arlo Pro.

However, there are a few disadvantages that come with Smart cameras. First, your home is susceptible to theft now that the internet connection between your camera and devices is a gateway for hackers. Another thing, Smart cameras require strong Wi-Fi so the cameras at the furthest ends may at times lose connection. But with a Wi-Fi mesh system, this shouldn’t be a concern.

Control all Smart devices from one hub

Picture this, having an App for your Roomba, another one for the Schlage lock, LiFX bulb and several other devices. That will be too much for your Smartphone. The good thing is that most Smart home gadgets are compatible with Smart hubs.

As the name suggests, a Smart hub is a device that is compatible with all your Smart home devices allowing homeowners to control each of them from the hub as opposed to individual Home Apps. The Smart hub also has an App where you can manage all the other Apps while on the go. The household names here are SmartThings, Wink and Vera.

A Smart hub is not something you should hurry to buy. Accumulate enough Smart devices to the point that you require the system. Otherwise, it won’t be a good idea to buy a Smart hub when you only have a Smart lock.

Final words

These are just among the many Smart home gadgets available. The advantage of our choices above is that they are very simple to use and require nothing much than the device itself. If you are looking for a starter Smart home ideas, the above gadgets will best fit your needs.