Top Tricks to Get Free Shipping with Promo Codes

Getting free shipping on your online purchases is an excellent way to save. However, companies don’t give free shipping offers throughout the year. Those that do so require you to have a specified amount of items in your cart, which most of the time is usually a hundred dollars or even more. So how can you enjoy free shipping services without breaking the bank on unnecessary purchases? The answer is through the use of promo codes.

Free shipping coupon codes can get you great offers, from great discounts on your products to free shipping. However, you have to know how and where to get them to make savings on your next online purchases.


Below are some actionable tips and tricks on how to get free shipping with promo codes.

1.     Hunt for Shipping Promo Codes

There are various kinds of coupons and promo codes that you can find online:

  • Promo codes that get you a fixed amount off your purchase, e.g., $10 off every purchase above $50
  • Promo codes that give you a percentage discount, e.g., 5%, 10%, or 30% off your total purchase
  • Coupons that provide a discount off your shipping fee
  • Promo codes that offer free shipping

In this case, you want to hunt for coupons or promo codes that either waive the entire shipping fee or get you a discount off of it. You can use promo code finders to ease the search. These are online tools that search the entire internet for discount codes from sellers. Specify that you are looking for free shipping promo codes to narrow down the search.

2.     Leave Items in Your Cart

An effective trick that you can use to get free shipping of a discount on your purchase is leaving items on your cart. Visit an online store, identify products that you want to buy, add them to the cart, and log out of the store. After a few days, the retailer will want to entice you to proceed to checkout. They do this by sending you an email with a coupon or an offer for a better price. The promo code can either offer free shipping or a discount on the purchase. Whichever way, you will make some decent savings. For this trick to work, ensure that you have created an account with the store and are logged in when adding items to the cart.

3.     Subscribe to Mailing Lists

Many online retailers send offers, promo codes, and other discounts to their email lists. Some of these, such as free shipping offers, are usually for a limited time. Therefore, you need to take advantage of them by ensuring that you are on their mailing lists. Sign up to receive email alerts from your favorite online stores and their competitors as well. After that, make sure that you check your promotional inbox to stay abreast with these offers and schedule your shopping appropriately.

4.     Shop during Offer Periods

Retailers give free shipping and other appealing discounts during periods such as Black Friday, Christmas season, back-to-school season, and during major holidays. Due to high demand and high competition during these times, sellers use promo codes to draw buyers into their stores. Save money and make your major purchases during these times so that you can make savings. Also, take note of off-seasons as well as retailers that give promo codes to attract buyers when business is slow.

Finding free shipping promo codes isn’t an easy task, but it is worth it in the long run. Follow these simple tips to get your promo codes for free shipping and discounts on your purchases. Also, don’t hesitate to compare promo codes from various retailers so that you can apply the ones that give you the highest discount.