Top Reasons Why Silk Is A Special Fabric

The silk fabric has a long history. In fact, we have been wearing it for more than 4000 history. Si Ling Chi, the Chinese empress, was on her regular morning walk through her royal gardens. She came to a halt as she saw a silkworm spinning its cocoon. Si Ling was impressed. The visionary thought of how good it would be if there was clothing made of this material. So she prepared a cloth from the shimmering, fine threads, and thus silk was born. That was 5000 years back.

Soft and comfortable to wear, this is the ultimate luxurious fabric, good for those who want the very best, and nothing less. Not surprisingly, silk is often referred to as the ‘queen of textiles’. The famous fashion designer from Dominican Republic, Oscar de la Renta, has once said, “Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand”. How true he was.

Throughout history, silk has been one of the most revered fabrics. Princesses, nobles, and celebrities have worn silk robes and other dresses. Chinese poets have written about its good properties. It is glossy, naturally wrinkle-resistant, and easy to take care. You will find the best quality silk fabrics here.

How Is Silk Made

Silk is fine thread used by the silkworm for spinning its cocoon. The worm pupates within the cocoon and comes out as a moth in about 20 days. Spinning glands of the worm produces a thread. This is the strongest and finest natural fiber available. Silk is a protein fiber, which means that, it is chemically similar to our skin. This is why it is often said that silk is like our ‘second skin’.

There are many other reasons that make silk a special fiber –

Silk Caresses

The fiber structure of silk is extremely smooth and fine, which makes the material flow in a soft and supple way.

Silk Shines

Silk has a unique sheen. The color radiates, giving it a unique luminescent character. We love silk for its gleaming look.

The Insulating Properties Of Silk

You may be surprised to know that silk warms and cools simultaneously. So you can wear silk clothing both in the winter and summer months – almost throughout the year, actually. You can wear silk as a second layer below to stay warm, and it won’t make you look bulky. It will absorb 30% of its weight in moisture. But still it won’t be damp. Also, silk absorbs perspiration very well, so your skin can breathe.

Silk Wears well

Silk looks delicate, but the material is very robust. It has a smooth surface, which will resist odors very well. It is also tear and wrinkle resistance, and will dry quickly.

Silk Is Non-Allergenic

You won’t find a fabric that is more hypoallergenic than silk, thanks to its unique protein structure. Because of this, it is extremely unlikely that you will develop allergic reactions when you wear clothing made of silk. In fact, those who are prone to skin allergies will do well by wearing silk.