Top Gifts for Horse Riders

If you have a horse loving friend or family member, it can be difficult to think of something to get them. Here is a list of some of top gifts that are perfect for horse riders. Most of these items can be found on

  1. Plush Horse Teddies and Toys

There are some amazing horse toys available online. Horse plush teddies are a super cute gift to give the younger horse riders that you know. Board games and electronic games are great affordable options to choose for birthday or Christmas gifts. There are also stick horse riders that the younger ones can use to play pretend horse riding.

  1. Custom Photos

For your friend or family member that owns a horse, you could get a photo of their horse printed and framed so they can hang it up in their home. There are some beautiful frames available that give the custom photo an extra touch of style. If you have an action shot of your loved one riding their horse, this would make a great photo to gift them.

  1. Canvas Prints

If you don’t want to get a custom photograph, there are hundreds of amazing canvas prints of horses that you can purchase. Some of them are real life photos of horses, and others are paintings. Choose which style your friend or family will love and get them a couple to hang around their home.

  1. Keyrings

Most people use keyrings nowadays, whether they are placed on a set of car keys or on their stuck onto the zip of a backpack. Keyrings are an affordable gift option to buy your horse riding friends or family. If you want to add a personal touch, there are companies that offer custom designs for your keyrings. You could choose a specific photo to have on the keyring, creating a personalised and special gift.

  1. Riding Equipment

If you know someone that needs some updated horse riding equipment and they have a birthday coming up, consider getting them some brand-new equipment. Maybe this is a new pair of boots or a comfy new saddle. Not only is it thoughtful, but it will save them money buying these items themselves.

  1. Horse Related Colouring Book

For the friend or family member that absolutely loves colouring, you could get them a horse related colouring book. Whether they are a child or an adult, colouring can be a therapeutic activity for them to wind down after a long day. Maybe get them some felt tips to colour with as well.

  1. Horse Design Backpack

They’re awesome adorable backpacks available with horse related designs printed all over them. This is a thoughtful gift that is also extremely practical. Your loved one could even take the backpack with them to the stables for their training lessons.

Whatever gift you decide to go for, your horse riding loved ones are bound to be over the moon when they open them on their birthdays or Christmas!