Top 5 Interior Design Trends for Summer 2021

Summer is right around the corner and now is the best time to get your home ready for the hot, sunny days and warm, breezy evenings. This summer is all about hope; hope for better days and hope for some semblance of how things used to be. We have weathered the worst of the pandemic storm and can now look forward to welcoming friends and family back into our homes for some much-needed socializing. Get your home ready for your visitors by revamping your interior spaces in these top 5 summer design trends.

  1. Luxurious Comfort

Our homes used to largely just be the place we came to, after a long day at work, to take a shower and rest our weary heads. We spent so much time outside of our homes, at your, at the gym, shopping, and socialising that many of us didn’t realise how or when our home’s interior stopped match our own. This summer’s design trend of note is the luxuriously comfortable furniture you will find at furniture stores in Rockford IL that will match so many of our deepest interior desires.

  1. Rustic Textures

Summer is all about sunshine and spending time in nature, there is no better way to celebrate nature than to invite it indoors. Choose rustic and organic deck furniture options and then revel in the beauty of your surroundings. Natural materials like salvaged wood, bamboo, and seagrasses bring a new element of texture to your space. Play around with various textures, colours, and materials until you find the look the works best for you.

  1. Statement Lighting

Lighting for summer this year is softer and more ambient than ever before, with statement lighting pieces taking centre stage. Perfect lighting may seem too tricky to master at first but the key to choosing the best option for your room is to consider the space it’s in and the purpose it needs to serve. Remember, as with most elements of interior design, less is always more so layer your lighting until it looks just right.

  1. Granny Chic

I can honestly say I never saw this one coming back but I do understand how this look came to be after the pandemic hit. If you don’t know what granny chic is, think along the lines of your grandma’s house…only cooler. Mix up the floral wallpapers with chic elements of modern design, particularly the combination of gold and glass.

  1. Colours

I am always hesitant to recommend colour schemes because they are such a personal choice, but for this article, I will indulge myself. This summer is all about bright colours that truly pop in a room, the focus for this year is on indigo and teal – these cheerful, bright colours will never fail to put a smile on your face. That being said, don’t feel pressured into choosing colours that rub you the wrong way just because they are trendy. You should always feel free to stick in the cosy comfort zone that only neutral colours can provide.