Top 5 Indie Musical Festivals

For centuries now, culture remains one of the most potent social norms in the world. From dress codes, festivals, food, to wide-ranging traditional practices, the world reeks of rich diversities. 

While the hype, thrills, and frenzies of culture continue to interconnect one way or the other, it’s noteworthy that we should not take our excitements into the overdrive.  In this article, writers from Write my essay today would be diving the top indie music festivals.

1. Primavera Sound 

With several public figures and big names headlining the event, Primavera is one of the popular Indie Music festivals in Europe. At this event, you will rise and shut with The National, Nick Cave, Bad Seeds, Arctic Monkeys, Bjork, and Migos. 

The event also features hipster fashion.  People who attend it on the coastlines of Barcelona would also get a firsthand experience of what alt-rock artists has to offer. 

2. Bunbury Music Festival

The Bunbury Musical festival is another great indie festival that those living in Cincinnati should not afford to miss.  It is an indie rock music festival that brings together the top artists and performers from the country. 

Some of the music icons headlined at this event include but are not limited to; The Avett Brothers, Shakey Graves, Walk on the Moon, The Black Keys. If you plan to attend the event, you should get the tickets early because it gets sold out every summer. 

3. 80/35 Music Festival

The 80/35 Indie music festival is one of the most famous music festivals.  The 80/35 music festival is known for jam music as well as numerous live performances. There are usually over 50 live performances at the event. Several public figures have graced this event, including Lettuce, Jenny Lewis, Wilco, and Head for the hills. 

4. Underground Music Showcase (UMS)

This event occurs during the summer. The Underground music festival takes place within the Rocky Mountain. It explains where it got its name. The event always features famous Indie Rock artists and several live band performances. 

5. Sloss Festival

The Sloss Festival will get underway in Birmingham, AL. This indie themed event will feature the top indie bands like Band of Horses, Avett Brothers, Youth the enormous, and Modest. There would also be other live performances that would make the event a memorable one for you. 


Music is food to the soul. Indie music festivals give you a firsthand experience you would always remember. A lot of big names on big stages rendering electrifying performances, as well as the food and dress code, are what make the Indie music festival outstanding.