Drugs, prostitution, gambling, sex and 24/7 partying. These things are quite common around the globe, but still kind of taboo. If you like to try and enjoy this kind of things, you will probably break more than one law at a time in your city. But fortunately, there are few cities in the World where these are not just legal, but these cities are actually built on these things.

5. Macau, China


We have all heard about Venetian, Wynn and MGM hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. But now let’s talk a bit about the casinos in South China.
Since they have legalized the gambling, the casinos have brought A LOT of money to the country, which made this city one of the most famous gambling cities around the globe. This city has made more profit from gambling than Las Vegas tho. Macau has more than 26 enormous casinos and the number is still growing. Also, this city offers plenty of beautiful girls.

4. Moscow, Russia


For many decades of dead nightlife, right now crazy things are going around in Moscow. From hardcore trance to techno, every kind of parties are happening every day. The prostitution is illegal, but the fines are really low and the people are not seeming to be bothered a lot. Here are some of the best clubs in the city:
1. Golden Girls.
2. Icon.
3. Gypsy.
4. Lookin’ Rooms.

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Brazilian women have that mythic beauty that always places them on the pedestal among world’s supermodels.
Think about it: Gisele, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima… Rio is one of the best partying places in the World.
From Copacabana to Ipanema, you can witness a breathtaking topless beauty on every beach.
Of course, this is just an foreplay for the night. When the sun goes down and the night takes its toll, brace yourself and witness a nightlife from out of this world. A lot of amazing night clubs, and the brothels are legal.
The best time to visit Rio is during the Carnival.

2. Las Vegas, United States of America


Also known as the sinner’s Eden, this city is notorious around the globe. I mean, does anybody go there for something aside gambling and having sex?
There you can gamble as soon as you get out of the plane. The prostitution is illegal, but anyway, almost every casino offers prostitutes on their menu.
“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” they say, but the biggest sin there is that you have to choose between a casino or a striptease bar.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands


In Amsterdam, you can find plenty of coffee shops where you can legally smoke a cannabis/hashish joint and order some food. Outside, on the streets, you will see a lot of prostitutes on display, which is 100% legal, as well. And the best thing there is that you can witness actual sex acts in some of the night clubs, LEGALLY. So, if you are ever tempted to try some freaky stuff and not be judged, you definitely should consider visiting some of these places.