Top 10 Wedding Theme Ideas for 2019

Are you preparing for a wedding? Congratulations! Moreover, we have a present for you — we have created a list of the most popular wedding themes. It includes only the most interesting and trendy options, so you, your fiance, and every guest will remember your wedding for a very long time.

Now, to gain some inspiration, check these 2019 wedding trends. Oh, and here is an extra source of creativity for you — the website of the best Dominican Republic wedding photographer. Who knows, maybe you will find a photo there which will give you a great idea about your own wedding.

Fairy Tale Themed Wedding

Fairy tales are something virtually everyone loves, so it’s not surprising that fairy tale themed weddings are getting more and more popular. Choosing this theme, you and your fiance will get a great opportunity to become your favorite fairy tale characters, and turn your celebration into something romantic and special. What about “Cinderella”? Or “Alice in Wonderland”? Just decide on a fairy tale, and then let every component of your wedding follow its style: invitation, cake, car, decor, dress, place, flowers, food, etc.


Silver and Chrome Wedding

Silver and chrome are among the latest trends, and you can use these colors to make your wedding shiny and memorable. Besides, following this trend will be pretty easy — candelabras, flower pots, lanterns, and other silver and chrome decorations you may want to use exist in spades. You can also use silver and chrome balloons to decorate the venue. And if you want to add a note of retro, try disco mirror balls!

Fine Art Wedding

A fine art wedding can be used as a synonym for perfect planning. Even the tiniest detail should be in the right place and have the right color: furniture, candles, invitations, and so on. The location plays an important role here too — it should be a gorgeous place with impressive architecture. Besides, such a wedding implies soft colors and overall romantic feeling. A fine art wedding will be the best choice if you and your fiance are true perfectionists and prefer traditional style.

Greenery Wedding

Greenery is also expected to be among the most popular wedding themes in 2019. Choosing this theme, you can make your wedding look great without spending loads of money. So, here are some ideas for a greenery wedding. First of all, use greenery for decorating the venue, the ceremony altar, and the tables. You can even use herbs for decorating glasses! Secondly, go for all-greenery bouquets. They are affordable and pretty tough — unlike most bouquets made of flowers, the greenery ones will look fresh for the whole celebration. Thirdly, greenery looks great if the venue, furniture, plates, and other important things are designed in soft tones.

Rustic Wedding

A rustic wedding is all about outdoor venues, wooden details, and greenery decorations. The decor should be simple — no extravagant elements are allowed! However, you can use old antiques — they will fit the overall atmosphere. Bouquets and greenery decorations should also follow the simplicity style. In general, a rustic wedding is a great choice if you get married during a warm season and want to have an outdoor celebration.

Unplugged Wedding

Choosing an unplugged wedding you can go for any colors and decorations, the only rule is having no cell phones, tablets, and cameras! Photos will be done by a professional photographer, but you, your fiance, and the guests should forget all about the gadgets and social networks, and be fully present at the ceremony. The unplugged wedding is a really nice trend, but if you choose it, here is a little tip for you — inform your guests about this specific condition in advance. It will also be great to explain to them why you want no gadgets at the ceremony.

Minimalistic Wedding

Minimalism is another popular trend, and it will meet all your needs if you don’t want your wedding to be too bright or overloaded with details. So, here are some elements of a minimalistic wedding you can use for your own celebration: venue with few adornments, blank curtains and tablecloths, small greenery bouquets, simple dresses, and a cake without loads of decorations. You may think that the minimalistic wedding looks boring, but that’s not true — such a ceremony looks stylish, elegant, and refined, and it doesn’t need loads of decorative elements and bright colors. It is very simple, and that’s its main advantage.

Neon Inspired Wedding

A neon inspired wedding is a great choice if you want something really bright, modern, and unusual. Such a wedding means flashy colors, such as lime, fuchsia, bright pink, and others. Feel free to use UV reactive spray paint to decorate walls (if possible), tablecloths, and other things. Using bright tape is another cool (and safer) way to unleash your creativity. Apart from this, find bright flowers and UV lights to “upgrade” your venue. You can also give every guest a pair of neon sunglasses. By the way, you could create a special neon wedding sign, and decorate the venue with something like “Just married”, “Crazy in love” or “Happy ever after”. You can choose anything you want!

Glamorous Wedding

Sorry for a little tautology, but a glamorous wedding should be… exactly, glamorous. This means a big, opulent venue (a gorgeous beachfront is also a good option), monochromatic colors, a lot of flowers, crystal glasses, cocktails before the meal, and luxurious dresses and suits. Custom invitations with flawless calligraphy will also work. To see some examples, check this wedding photos portfolio. Photography can be really inspiring, so why not?

Purple Wedding

Purple colors are very popular nowadays, and they won’t leave this position in 2019. So why not to use any shades of purple to make your wedding unique and stylish? Flowers, elements of clothes, decorations, plates, glasses… All these things can be purple! Such a theme will be a great choice if the venue itself is designed in soft and light colors — you will create an unforgettable contrast!

Now you have some options to choose from. So follow your dreams and go for that idea which will make you as a couple happy for years!