Top 10 Tips You Should Know Before You Go for a Vacation in Spain

Spain, located on the Iberian Peninsula of Europe, is a country full of beautiful cities, wonderful architectures and long coastlines. The varied terrain and the vibrant destinations made Spain one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the whole world. Every year, a lot of travellers visit this wonderful country to spend a lovely vacation. Starting from the gorgeous beaches to the bustling cities to the iconic monuments to the exuberant museums, the country of Spain has a lot to offer. And if you are planning to take a trip to this country for the first time during your next holiday, here are the top ten tips which you must remember when you visit Spain for a vacation.

1.  Rent an apartment

If you really want to explore Spain in its own unique beauty, then renting an apartment for your stay is the way to go. Book one of the Barcelona luxury apartments when you are in Barcelona, or rent some house when you are wandering through the countryside of Andalusia. No matter which city or region you visit in Spain, you can get an apartment on rent in each and every one of those places. Renting an apartment gives you a feel of residing in the cities, and not travelling through them. You will also get to meet a lot more local people when you rent an apartment, giving you a better insight into the country.

2. Learn the language 

Learning a bit of the language when you are travelling to a new country is always a good idea, and Spain is no exception. Although many people in Spain can speak English, still the numbers are not as huge as in some other European countries. Although Spanish is not the only official language of Spain, still most people will understand and speak Spanish. Learning some of the key phrases in Spanish will help you a lot in order to communicate with the locals.

3. Spain is not small

While planning your first visit to Spain, one thing you must keep in mind that the country is not small. Spain is a huge country with a lot of remarkable destinations and attractions. Trying to cover all of those destinations in one trip will simply not be possible. Keep this point in your mind while planning your trip, and stick to a few of the destinations at a time. This will let you discover the Spanish destinations in a much more intricate way, and you won’t feel rushed during your trip.

4. Meal timings are different than usual

The Spaniards follow completely different meal times than most of the other countries. Meals like lunch and dinner may occur much later than you are used to. The usual time for lunch in Spain is generally between 2 pm and 4 pm, whereas dinner service may start after 9 pm. The meal timings may feel odd in the beginning, but you have to keep it in mind when you go to a restaurant for lunch or dinner.

5. Sun and Spain are not synonymous 

Most of the people relate Spain with gorgeous sunshine and beautiful weather throughout the year. That may hold true for most of the popular destinations in Spain, but you cannot expect that kind of weather in every corner of the country. Spain, due to its size, experiences different types of weather at different parts of the country. Especially if you are travelling to the northern areas of the country, you can expect to face a lot of rains and lush green landscapes during your travels.

6. Locals know best 

If you are looking for the best vies and vistas to experience the true beauty of Spain, then a normal guidebook or tour guides cannot help you. The local people of Spain known where the best spots are, and you have to ask around to figure out where they are. Spain has a lot of hidden spots and viewpoints from where you will get to experience some of the most amazing vistas of the landscapes, and locals are the best people to guide to those spots.

7. Use public transport

The public transport system in Spain is really good. If you are on a budget, then using the buses and metros while travelling in the cities is a great way to commute. There are also a number of national budget airlines which you can use to travel between the cities at a cheaper rate. You can also use the Renfe railway network or the extensive intercity bus lines to reach your destinations at a much cheaper rate.

8. Local food is love 

The Spanish people are known for their cuisine, and it will be a shame if you don’t try out Spanish food while you are here. Forget trying, we say you should live on Spanish food while you are travelling around the country. You can have some of the tastiest Spanish meals from the local food joints to get a taste of authentic Spanish cuisine. Be prepared to have a lot of tomatoes though, as the Spaniards love their tomatoes.

9. Tap waters are safe 

When you are travelling through the bigger cities of Spain like Madrid or Barcelona, you won’t have to buy expensive packaged water bottles to keep you hydrated. The tap water which you get in these cities is completely drinkable. Just carry a bottle around and fill it up as per your need, which is a much cheaper and environmentally friendlier option than buying packaged plastic bottles of water.

10. You don’t have to tip 

The tipping culture in Spain is not that big, and most of the local joints won’t even expect you to tip. So don’t bother wasting your time on deciding how much to tip, as most of the locals do not even leave a tip. If tipping is something which you think you must do, then you can leave however many coins you please at the table without worrying about it.