Top 10 Killer Tips For Finding Cheap Accommodations Anywhere

If you are planning a trip to any part of the world, after going for expedited passport renewal, you will have to make other preparation, with accommodation options being one of them. If you have been traveling for a while, then you know that accommodation can sometimes be very expensive, and it is also one of the areas where you can make some great savings. The idea is to get affordable or cheap options where you will still get a comfortable and convenient experience. If you think that you must always pay a lot of money for accommodation, then here are a few tips you can use to get cheap accommodation in any place in the worlds:

Always use hotel booking websites

There is a plethora of third party booking sites and travel agents who promise to help you spend less when planning your trip. However, one thing you should always have in mind is that you will never get cheaper accommodation options that what you find on the hotel’s actual website. It is a great idea to search for deals through the third party sites and the agents, but if you want the best route for cheap bookings, then head straight to the hotel’s website. You could always call them and ask them for deals, and you may be surprised at just how far they are willing to go to give you great rates.

Stay more than one night

Another tip to save money on the accommodation when traveling is to book for multiple nights. In this manner, it is easy to ask for a deal and as usual, most hotels will lower the rates when you will be spending for longer with them. It is not advisable to jump from one hotel to another since with each new option, you will be paying higher rates and you will have no chances of negotiating for a better deal.

Consider staying on Sunday

Most hotels cater for business travelers from Monday to Thursday and most of their guests on Friday and Saturday are mainly leisure travelers. As such, there always higher chances of them having voids on Sundays and this would be a great time to ask for deals or simply plan to book your days at that time. They will readily give you a great deal than letting the rooms sleep empty.

Always know the total costs

This is especially important if you will be booking through third-party websites. Not all of them will show the total cost of the booking, including all the possible taxes and fees. To ensure that you don’t spend a lot of money without knowing, be sure to know the total cost of the package you will be going for. Don’t just hit the “Book” button without knowing if there will be any hidden charges you will be exposed to once you commit to making the payment.

Take advantage of reward points

If you know that you are a frequent traveler or you will be doing a lot of travels in the near future, then you should get a credit card that offers rewards points that can be cashed out in hotels or flights. This is a great way to save both on the cost of the air tickets as well as on the hotel accommodation. There are also hotels with their own credit cards and if you travel a lot and you have a preference for a particular for the hotel, be sure to check if you can get their credit card as this will make you realize considerable savings in your accommodation costs.

Check out new hotels in the city you are traveling to new

New hotels still don’t have lots of customers and they are still trying to impress with high-quality services and affordable rates and deals so that they can start building their base of loyal customers. If you can take your time to find out about a few new hotels in the city you are headed to, then you may be lucky to find one offering very nice deals to their guests. The good news is that there will always be new hotels, and all you have to do is just do a little bit of digging to unearth those deals.

Travel during off-peak seasons

If you are traveling during peak times, then there will be very slim chances of getting cheap accommodation. This is for the obvious reason that most people are also traveling and there is a great demand for the hotels. However, if you plan your travel when not so many people are also traveling, chances are that most hotels will be empty and they will strive to entice guests by all means, including offering very cheap accommodation. At such times, you can engage them further and ask for more discounts, especially if you are planning on staying for longer.

Stay in suites or apartments to share the cost with other travelers

Another trick you can use to save on the cost of accommodation or get cheap options is to simply search for suites or apartments where you will have more than one guest. Of course, staying in apartments comes with its own set of challenges, but if you needed a quick and cheap option, then it would be highly recommended.

Stay outside the city center

Another method you can use to find cheap accommodation after getting expedited passport renewal is to simply avoid staying in the city center. It goes without saying that the rates at the city center will always be higher, but if you seek for options outside the city center or in a nearby town, you may be surprised at just how cheap the options are.

Join a hotel rewards program

The other option for getting cheap accommodation is to join a hotel reward program. With such programs, you will collect reward points which you can then redeem for free stays in selected hotels. This would be a great option if you travel a lot to almost similar places and you have preferred hotels in those cities. But if you are a random traveler, then it may not be a very good option for you.