Tips to Wear Your Salwar kameez

When it comes to Indian wear, nothing beats a good old Salwar kameez. Comfortable and ever so easy-breezy it can help you look glam or casual, whichever way you want to style it.

Yes, it is such a versatile garment! One that can take you from your workplace to an evening soiree with remarkable ease. Over the years a salwar kameez has had undergone various transformations to catch up with the latest trends doing the rounds. For the latest ethnic wear, get the latest salwar kameez online at Lashkaraa.

So if you are wondering that there are not enough salwar styles to upgrade your wardrobe, you can’t be further from the truth. Salwar suits have undergone a sea transformation and now it is hip and happening and can almost give any western garment a run for its fashion quotient.

Different kinds of Patiala Salwars

With the ever-changing fashion trends, just wearing traditional salwars is so passé! When there is so much variety why will you insist on sticking to just one kind of salwars?

It is interesting to see how salwar kameez have evolved, thanks to the help of some new designers who have taken this simple staple Indian wear and elevated to haute couture status!

  • The traditional Patiala salwars – This salwar which hails from Punjab, has been able to catch the fancy of all women, young or old, voluminous and so comfortable the pleats in the salwars start from the waist down to the cuffs.

 Though it does need many yards of fabric, the result is utterly stunning and it allows a good deal of movement to go about your tasks, footloose and fancy-free.

A favorite among the royal families of Punjab, this style is lapped by most fashionistas today, also the ubiquitous kurta is no longer mandatory to be worn with Patiala salwars.

You can even pair it with t-shirts, think how a popular Indian film actress set the silver screen ablaze with her beautiful style interpretations of the staid Patiala salwars.

  • Dhoti pants- The dhoti pants are a fashion trailblazer and it does have an uncanny resemblance to the dhoti that men wear!

Well, that is the source of inspiration but it does look ultra-feminine and chic when it is paired with short kurtis or even western tops.  They have got numerous pleats which are u-shaped.

A cooler more hip version of the Patiala salwar kameez, it can be your go-to outfit for most casual outings and even weddings, if styled the right way.

Paired with a crop top and a long shrug, this glam look is now flaunted by most fashionistas and actresses.  This look is a sure-fire winner!

  • Harem salwars- Resembling the Aladdin salwars they are the most comfortable, they are billowy and come without any specific form and structure.

It is quirky and a whole lot of fun as they can be paired with Indian kurtis and also western tops.  Glam it up with fashion accessories for an evening out in party wear Patiala salwar suits or dress it down for a casual outing with your friends.

It is versatile and oh so chic! The perfect garment to wear to any occasion!

Different Ways to perk up your Staid Salwars

Now if you want to change the look of your boring salwars incorporate some of these style tips to stand out from the crowd.  When it comes to fashion, different is so much more interesting than the mere mundane!

  • Printed Patiala Salwars- Punjabi Patiala salwar suits can be jazzed up with prints galore. Yes, now you do not have to wear plain boring salwars, any longer.

The prints range from floral, paisley to quirky to notch up the fun quotient. Fan prints, shoe prints, fruit prints, lip prints, they just add a whole new value to a plain boring salwar.

Imagine wearing a plain white kurta worn with an Aztec print Patiala salwar suit or a chevron print one! It looks really refreshing and cool.

Nowadays the trick to being regarded as fashion forward woman is pairing two completely opposite prints together.

The trend has caught on, but you need to be careful as to which kind of prints you pair together, as it can go wrong if it jars too much. However, if you have an eye for high fashion you are not likely to make a fashion faux pas.

  • Designer Patiala- Get your hands on a designer salwar kameez online. Cater to your eclectic taste for fashion and give wings to your designer dreams, how? By simply wearing something which is fashionable, fun and fearless.

It could be embroidered Patiala salwars or salwars embellished with Gota Patti work crystals, the works. They are different and is fit to make bold fashion statements.

Wear designer Patiala salwars in contrasting colors and adorned with beautiful work.

  • Fabric fun- The fall of salwars has to be right to make it look good, and for the right fall, the fabric has to perfect.

Georgette, chiffon is an eternal favorite but Patialas also are made of fabric like cotton, linen, brocade, silks and so on.

Choose the one which suits your occasion more, like if you are going out for a brunch on a hot summer day, you can’t choose a silk Patiala.

Similarly, for a party, you are much more likely to choose Punjabi Patiala salwar suits, in more rich and opulent fabrics like silk, brocade and soon.

  • The right accessories- You can make even your boring dull outfits a total scene-stealer if you wear the right fashion accessories.

A phulkari dupatta or a printed scarf, this will elevate your outfit to another level altogether. Don’t forget the right bag, shoes, and jewelry.

We love a tan bag; it can be paired with almost everything, high stilettoes for a glam evening out and fringe earrings ( the longer the better, shoulder dusters, as they are known as) or a choker and you are all set to set new standards in fashion!

The appeal of the traditional salwar suits is never going to die! In fact, with its all-new cool avatars, the women right from teenagers to fashion veterans are all going to fall in love with this garment all over again! So what are you waiting for? Buy yours right now!