Tips for Upgrading Your Existing Garden Lights to LED

When you try to retrofit the house, how to make the outdoor lighting to be smart can become a real brain buster. Study with the usual strategies, you need to spend much time but might still make it a fuss – it is too complicate to handle lots of smart home lighting products from various makers or use them in one brand, such as the Philips Hue Outdoor. In this article, I recommend another way to make your outdoor lighting to be “smart”: keep your original outdoor fixtures, replace the old lighting bulbs to LED, and use a smart outdoor plug adapter. 


Why should you upgrade your led lights?

LED has many advantages, we can conclude three points:

  • Energy Efficient and Energy cost

According to research, LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting such as CFL and incandescent lights. LED lights can convert up to 95% of energy into light and only 5% energy converted into heat.

  • Life Span

Long life-span might be another important advantage for LED lighting. LED can continuously work 25000 hours which are nearly double hours of CFL. That is to say, if LED lights only work for 6 hours per day then it will last for 11 years which is far exceed the performance of the traditional lighting, such as traditional lights.

  • Mercury-free

As we know, fluorescent bulbs produce light by interaction of mercury and electricity but mercury will do harm to our health. Symptom of mercury poisoning includes central nervous system damage, tremors, memory problems, irritability, and changes in vision or hearing which is hard to handle with. So it is necessary to have mercury-free led bulbs especially when you have children, do note this problem.

Bulb Type

The priority to consider is the type of the bulb installed in your fixtures. Usually, there are 3 kinds of bases: bayonent, binpin and wedge.

Binpin are the most common sizes in the market. The Binpin socket is an update of the bi-post design with smaller pins designed to reduce the cost of manufacture. The key differentiator is the spacing between the pins.


Bulb brightness

In general, the higher wattage means higher lighting. But for the same wattage, the led lighting is brighter than traditional lights. As we noted before, the LED lights can convert 95% power into light, and only 5% for heat. Wattage is a unit of power, not the unit of the light it emits. Though to some degree, I do not deny that they are related.

So how we choose the right wattage when we replace the bulbs? The first step is to remove the original incandescent bulbs from the fixture, carefully read the wattage rating printed on it. Then open your Amazon web page, shop for the led light bulbs which can emit the same lighting. The sellers usually detail the information under description page, for example:

Home Improvement.png

In this product, the seller tells the consumer that this 6.5 wattage LED bulb is equivalent to 40 wattage halogen light bulb.

Suitable Light Color for Different Place

Color temperature is a way to express the light performance provided by a light bulb. It is measured in degrees of Kelvin(K). The larger the number, the brighter the light will be. For example, the living room &bedrooms are suitable for 2700k which can create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The dining rooms & halls are suitable dining rooms & halls which gives your dining room or living space both warm and bright atmosphere. The kitchens & bathroom are suitable for 4000K since you need enough light to deal with knives and fire.

If the place where has wood plants and stone elements, the warm light bulb is the best choose. If it is near water area such as swimming pool, please choose cool white illumination.

Smart Tech Control

The point to make your home smart is to connect the wireless outdoor adapter with the smart home system such as SmartThings, Apple, Alexa or Google. Removing all programming from your power transformer, switch it to the “on” manually and leave it that way. Smart home system controls the wireless outdoor adapter, then the adapter can swift the power according to instruction.