Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Flowers Blooming

Gardening is a wonderful hobby to keep in a jolly and blissful mood. Flowers provide an aromatherapy that makes you happy within moments. A common problem home gardener’s face is that the flowers stop blooming after a certain period of time. That is, the growth becomes stagnant for some reason. What you might think is that the plant is attacked by a disease or pest but the actually is the lack of knowledge on specific growth techniques majority of time.

For bulk flowers or flowers of almost any type, you can accelerate the growth by following few simple techniques.

Tricks you should know about

As a gardener you should be well aware of these techniques and how useful they can be for the growth of bulk flowers.

Deadheading-Removal of faded away flowers

When the flowers have bloomed completely, we would suggest that you prune them off once they have faded away a bit. You can utilize the flower for other purposes such as selling them as bulk flowers online. In this way, new buds and blooms will keep appearing to make up for the cut down flowers.

Disbudding-Isolation of immature flowers

This technique is suitable if you want to focus on few flowers more than too many flowers on the plant. At first, cut down the lateral side of the new and immature buds and then cut them out with floral scissors. The overall impact of this technique is the shift of energy to smaller number of blooms. Since more energy is concentrated on few blooms, the flowers will grow larger.

Candling-Removal of new growth

If you are growing trees and shrubs in your garden, candling for you is a must to get the maximum output from the trees. Usually evergreen plants have a tender new growth called the candle. Removing around one-third or two-third portion of the new growth will help the plant grow faster with beautiful blooms. A small heads up that candling requires more effort than other growth techniques.

Shearing-Cutting one third of growth

With the right soil, temperature and sunlight the plants will flower at least more than three times. What you have to make sure is that you shear out the old flowers. Be particular about the number of blooms you want in the plant. Too many flowers will spoil the growth as well as the aesthetic beauty of the plant. While shearing don’t just tear off the flower, cut the flowers from its stalk.

Pinching- Removal using finger tips

The process is as easy as its name. With two of your fingertips simply tear out the faded flowers. We know that you love your flowers and how dear they are to you. But if you want a healthy growth, you need to pinch back some unwanted flowers. Pinching back helps to sustain terminal growth of the plant and prevents it from being too tall or long.

Mulching-Usage of a layer of bark

For summer flower lovers, mulching is a very good technique for healthy flower growth. What you need to do is cover the corners of the plant with small or large barks. This will work as a cooler for your plants during the summer season and protect your plant from excessive heat. Mulches are useful for soil covering for variety of reasons including water preservation, creating pathways for the garden, weed and temperature control and many more utilities.

Special tips for extra care

Now that you are well aware of some of the popular techniques, here are some extra tips for even better flower growth.

  • Plan from the beginning about the structure of your garden. Go for organic and healthy seeds only for gardening.
  • You need the feed the plant well. That is, fertilize it with right proportion and water it when necessary. Consult with your florist beforehand while buying the seedlings.
  • Let your plant have vegetative growth. When you find buds in young seedlings, you need to remove them immediately for the vegetative growth of the plant

As a gardener, we know you love your plants immensely and care for them well. Simply following some of these rules and techniques will help you grow your flowers in a much better, healthier way.