Tips And Tricks For Keeping Your Floor Clean

The last thing we want is to stain or damage our floors when we’ve just spend our hard earned cash on it. So how exactly do we retain our investment in the most effective way possible? Once you splash out on a fab new interior, you’re more often than not in the mood to be spending loads on professional cleaners or blow your wallet on fancy cleaning items and products. So here are a few tips to help keep your floor looking newer for longer with everyday household products…


Your first tip is to clean your floor last! You don’t want to hoover and mop it to then only dust your shelves and it makes it grimy again. It should be your last or one of your last jobs. 

Wood Floors

Wood floors are incredibly popular, with many home owners lusting after its authentic beauty. For this reason, it makes keeping them in tip top condition. Never use a steam mop, as it can cause the wood to warp and swell overtime. Either use special wood floor cleaner or a cheap and basic option a damp cloth brewed in tea! It works believe it or not and keeps your floor looking sparkling!

Don’t worry if the worst does happen, however. If you find yourself with a scratch or a powerful stain that won’t move, the real wood can be sanded down and refinished to eradicate any damage. This can be done more than once to, so you get a few chances if stains and scratches are a common occurrence in your household! Solid wood comes in an array of different thicknesses and wear layers, which depends on how many times it can be sanded down. This should not normally need to be done for the first 15-20 years though, so you can only imagine how long these glamorous floors can last for!

Stay away from anything acidic such as vinegar. Natural products do not take well to harsh chemicals and can cause them to become dull over time. If you’re lucky enough to have real wood in your home, then if you follow these tips your guaranteed to impress your guests for many years.


Laminate is a little easier going than real wood, but that doesn’t mean it needs no attention. Mopping is fine with laminate, but make you mop it as dry as possible. Using a tennis ball is a great way of removing scuff or shoe marks, with the fibres of the ball working wonders.


As much as carpet is well loved and popular, it’s a nightmare when it stains, often not coming off at all! This is why we mostly opt for it in bedrooms or any room that doesn’t see high exposure to spillages. No matter how many times you drag a hoover across it, there’s always dust lingering…

If stains do occur (which sadly, they’re likely to) then soda water and salt is useful. Liquid stains such as tea or coffee, soak a cloth in soda water and dab it on the stain and leave it on the stain for 10-15 minutes. This is a very useful tip using things most people have in their cupboards!