Tiny Tooth: The Right Dental Care For Children

Prevention is always better than cure. As a parent, you need to be very vigilant especially to your child’s health. Dental Health is an important aspect you should put under surveillance. You need to educate your child as soon as possible for them to understand that health matters.

Dental health is essential to our overall health. Single tooth decay can affect the whole day of an adult, how much more to our children? In early childhood, dental problems such as tooth decay can be difficult to identify. In such cases, the advance damage has a higher possibility due to unattended signs of the decay that leads to more severe stages. To avoid complications, sustain all the needs of your child to have healthy teeth.

Dental problems for children develop over time and difficult to identify. However, there are some signs that your child is developing tooth decay. These shows as:

  • A dull whitish spot that appears on the tooth closest to the gums. It indicates that cavities are forming.
  • When the decay is progressing, the white spot will turn into a dark yellow or brown spot which appears to be the cavity.  
  • Teeth having black holes indicates that a child already develops a severe tooth decay.

Common Causes Of Tooth Decay For Children

Children don’t get tooth decay for no reason. There is always a cause on why they are suffering from dental problems. It is better to determine the do’s and don’ts to avoid these causes.

  • Bacteria

Every child is prone to tooth decay. Children like to eat just about anything, especially sweets and are oblivious to the bacterias on their mouth. As a parent, you need to be very careful in feeding your child.

The presence of bacteria or the Mutans Streptococci in the mouth can cause decays of teeth. This kind of bacteria feeds on sugars from the food and drinks of your children.

  • Poor Oral Hygiene

When your child is not brushing their teeth regularly, it can increase the formation of bacteria on their mouth. As a result, plaques will attack the enamels which cause tooth decay.

  • Eating and Drinking

All the foods that your child is eating and drinking may cause tooth decay. It also plays a significant role in forming a cavity. Even after brushing, there are still food particles that remain in the teeth like carbohydrates.

You need to be sure that your child is brushing their teeth regularly especially after eating candies, chocolates, cereals, gums, and any sugary foods to avoid tooth caries.

How To Prevent Tooth Decay

  • Supervise your child while brushing their teeth. It is best to use fluoridated Colgate and be sure to clean their tongue and gums as well.
  • Feed your child a well-balanced food to ensure elimination of sugary snacks.
  • Consult a dentist for the proper supplement of fluoride to protect your child’s teeth from plaque and cavities.
  • Use Dental Floss daily when your child aged two years and above.
  • Avoid using pacifiers or formula bottle for an extended period.
  • Change your child’s toothbrush every three months.
  • Visit a dentist for your child’s regular check-up and dental cleanings.

Your Child’s Oral Routine

  • Brush their teeth 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Limit their sugar intakes.
  • Floss daily and if possible use mouthwash to cleanse the mouth.
  • Protect their teeth with fluoride.
  • Visit your dentist twice a year for professional cleaning of tartar.


Don’t let your child experience how painful it is to have a dental problem. Before having complications, it is good to follow healthy dental routines to avoid cavities and plaques. According to Markham Dental Centre, do visit your dentist for regular check-ups like twice a year to detect early signs of tooth decay.

As early as your child can understand, educate them the importance of health in life. It is necessary for them to do what they need to do like following those tips and routines for healthier teeth. Your child can’t be a child forever, let them do the brushing under your supervision.