This is Why Indian Women Are Crazy about Cotton Kurtis

The sales for Kurtis are at an all-time high not just in the Indian clothing market, but globally. For this to happen to any kind of attire, you will agree with me that there are to be very good reasons for that and a special kind of love for that particular attire. Kurtis is considered as a fusion between Indian tradition and fashion, and their versatility has made them incredibly popular over the past few years, that you will now find women from different parts of the world and all walks of life using them. They are trendy and comfortable and can be styled in different ways to create perfect looks for just any occasion. If you are still wondering why so many women are in love with Kurtis, then here are some of the reasons-:

Budget price range

Looking beautiful and elegant can sometimes come at a higher price, but thankfully, this not the case when you are talking about cotton-kurtis. The prices of Kurtis are relatively affordable not just in India, but almost in place, you will find them being sold and this is one of the greatest reason for its popularity. It has given millions of Indians and other women from other parts of the world a chance a chance to look great without necessarily having to break the bank for the looks. With them, ladies can now kiss goodbye to expensive Punjabi suits, sarees, or the lehengas, but will still be guaranteed to look their best.

They look beautiful in any style

  The other reason for the immense popularity of cotton-kurtis in India is the versatility they provide when it comes to styling. But you will be surprised that in addition to having a plethora of styling options for this attire, they are also available in different styles for you to choose from. If you add your styling creativity to the variety already in the market, you can always be guaranteed a unique outfit for every event or occasion. Whether you want a laid-back attire for the Friday night, or you want to have elegant looks for the Saturday office party, you will never go wrong with the Kurtis.  

They are available in both modern and ethnic styles

India is a multi-cultural and a multi-ethnic society, and the Kurtis has allowed the Indian women to not only express themselves ethnically and culturally but also allowed them to look modern and stylish at the same time. As such, the ladies don’t have to lose their traditional charm simply because they are putting on Kurtis. This is a versatility you won’t find with most clothing types around the world, and another reason why Indians appreciate Kurtis more even than the sarees.

It is easy to pair with almost anything

With Kurtis, you are not bound to have a specific or a particular churidar or salwar to get the most out of your Kurtis. With it, you have a wide range of bottoms you can use for pairing and you will be guaranteed that you will not lose the looks in any way. You can pair them with tight-fitting leggings, jeggings, jeans, Patiala, treggings or any other kind of bottom that comes into your mind. But for you to get the most out of the pairing, it is highly recommended that you should have your body type in mind so that you pull great looks that will do nothing but flatter your body type more.

Ideal for any occasion

The other versatility that Kurtis brings to the Indian women and which makes them extremely popular is the fact that they can be used on virtually any kind of occasion. Whether you are looking for a formal get together, festivals, evening parties, corporate gatherings, or weddings, you will never go wrong cotton-kurtis. With their availability in several styles and designs, if you fail to look great during the events, it’s because you didn’t want to, but not because you were unable to find the right wear.

A plethora of matching accessories

Accessories are a vital segment of women dressings, and Indian or not, every woman will desire to have the wide range of accessories they can use on a regular basis. One beautiful thing you will admire with Kurtis is that they don’t limit when it comes to how you want to accessorize your looks. You basically have the freedom to team them up with a huge range of accessories and shoes, thus adding more versatilities to the looks you can pull up with them at any time. They will work wonders with accessories such as clutches, shoulder bags, statement jewelry, wedges, pumps, high heels, scarves etc. But you should be warned that rarely will Kurtis give you great looks with laced up shoes or flat shoes.

They are easy to wear

Some Indian attires may be problematic to wear, and this is the very reason why you see so many women abroad getting it completely wrong when they try dressing the Indian way. But this is not the case with the Kurtis. Wearing them and handling them is relatively easy compared to clothes like sarees and you won’t have to worry about adjusting pallu or any plates.

They save time

With their simplicity and ease of wearing, you won’t have to spend a lot of time dressing room. This is a great attraction amongst millions of women in the current times when they are always pressed for time. You will be interested to know that putting on a Kurtis will take half the time you need to put on other Indian wears such as sarees, salwar kameez, and blazers.

Can be worn by ladies of any age

Kurtis looks great in women of all ages. Whether you are a school girl, a married woman or a grandma, cotton-kurtis will never disappoint for any occasion. Irrespective of your age, you can always turn to them for great looks and comfort. Children to do wear them, and since they are affordable, parents don’t have to spend a lot of money to make their daughters look great because stylecaret will give them this chance.