They Placed Wooden Discs All Around Their Old Floor… Soon? Incredible Makeover That WOWS!

Cordwood construction for your floor sounds a little strange. Maybe, it is first time you hear about this. But people out there practice it for years. Something that used to be appropriate for old cottages, now emerges as a new trend around the world. If you think that it is old fashioned, you are wrong. This post will certainly prove this. This is a great way how to renovate your house, and to achieve a look that improves the ambiance of your home and makes it unique for each occasion. This is a growing trend that combines old fashioned, rustic qualities with modern style and practicality. And most of all it is very easy for construction, 100 % natural and also much more cheap than investing in linoleum, or tile. Look at the step by step pictures below and get ready for incredible makeover of the floor that wows by using cordwood. This is one amazing idea, with an amazing result! I would like my home to have such attractive, gorgeous, hand-made cordwood floor! Would you?

  • Before the construction starts, first of all get a permit to go out to the forest and harvest dead trees.

  • Make small cordwood discs cut by a chop saw and sanded flat on both sides.


  • The first step would be thoroughly cleaning the floor you want to work on. Then, lay out the cordwood discs.


  • Begin to layout the disks on the floor getting them as close as possible.


  • When the optimal disc pattern is discovered, glue each one directly to the floor.


  • Sand the glued discs, using a belt sander until everything is smooth and leveled.


  • Then fill the gaps with grout.


  • Once they were all laid down properly, the next step would be to seal them with a light coating of polyurethane to ensure the grout wouldn’t adhere to the tops.


  • You can add further second or third coat of polyurethane for everything to be smooth and shiny.


  • This is great flooring idea for every room in your house.