They Dug Up Their Gorgeous Yard. Ready To See Why? So AWESOME!

If you love spending time with your friends and family outdoors, why don’t you do this with style! There are people with great ideas, so borrow some of their ideas, if you don’t have your own! Here is an example how some people dug up their gorgeous yard. You will be amazed by this breathtaking DIY fire pit they made. A fantastic fire pit is something that can be used every time of the year. In summertime, you can gather for a nice barbeque, but this is also a great option for fall and winter nights that can still be spent outdoors, around a nice fire. It is nice when you have such seating place and a spot where everyone can gathers for spending unforgettable times together. You will be stunned if you know how easy for creating and affordable this fire pit and seating really is! You will decide to start immediately with work for making such wonderful place in your garden. If you have extra space in your backyard this is a great option how to fill it with style. Enjoy!


  • Firstly, make a list and go shopping for the necessary supplies. Cement, bricks, sand and gravel would be enough.


  • Make a plan where your fire pit and where the seating area are going to be and outline the area.



  • Then, dig up a hole where you want your new fire pit to be placed.


  • Place sand at the bottom, and then build a nice pit with the bricks.



  • It’s time to set the bottom bricks in place. Join them together with cement.


  • Once the bottom layer of bricks is set, you can begin stacking up the rest of your pit. You should know by now how tall you want the pit to be, so just make sure you have enough bricks. When laying bricks, make sure to leave small gaps between them for oxygen to get in.


  • After the pit is ready, you need to lay down the landscaping fabric to start on your seating area.



  • You can also make a path leading to the back porch, and be sure to lay down fabric for it as well. Fill it with gravel, and smooth it out. Be sure to cover all the landscaping fabric with gravel.



  • This is when everything starts to take shape.


  • Next step would be painting some Adirondack chairs, that are absolutely perfect for relaxing around this fire pit. Paint them all in different colors, to give your yard some style!



  • To complete this amazing backyard, put up twinkle lights all around your fire pit, and you are all ready to enjoy your brand-new, awesome backyard.