The Most Useful Tools to Keep at Home and What You Can Use Them For

Whether you are a bona fide DIY fanatic or simply someone who likes to do the odd job around the house, you won’t get very far without the aid of some tools. That said you don’t want to invest in lots of kit that will never be used and just serves to be a storage problem. With this in mind, here we take a look at the most useful tools to keep at home and what you can use them for.

A Cordless Drill

Browse the pages of any respectable tool merchant’s website and you are sure to come across a plethora of drills. Unless you have a particular job in mind choosing a drill is relatively easy. Look for a cordless drill that is made by a reputable brand and that is of medium weight and power – an all-rounder.

Doing so will provide you not only with the ability to drill holes through timber and into walls, but a range of other jobs as well – you can attach a screwing bit or cutting tool to make holes for doorknobs for instance.

A Screwdriver Set

Perhaps the most frequently used tools are screwdrivers. Screwdrivers are essential for numerous jobs from changing the fuse in a plug to building a set of flat-pack furniture, but if you find you don’t have the size or type you need there is nothing more frustrating.

Investing in a good quality screwdriver set means you have always got the size and type you need and therefore jobs can be done faster and without stress.  

A Tape Measure

They cost very little to buy and are the simplest of things, but without a tape measure, many jobs would be virtually insurmountable. Measuring an alcove so that you can buy shelves that fit snuggly or for cutting a piece of copper pipe to length – for accuracy and speed the humble tape measure is the tool for the job.

A Hammer

Driving home a nail, loosening a part or breaking up an object are jobs that they require the power of a hammer. Of course, hammers are also multifunctional as they have two tools, a claw hammer, for example, is particularly handy for those who are involved in a lot of carpentry.   

A Set of Pliers

Pliers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but a regular set is a must-have for doing jobs in the home. Used to hold a nut whilst the bolt is screwed in or taken out, cutting wire and pulling out objects from floors and walls are just some of the uses.

If all you have as part of your home toolkit are the five items we have featured here, then you are well on your way to being able to tackle the majority on small DIY tasks and jobs.