The Most Popular Bridal Dress Fabrics

Satin, chiffon, organza, lace… there is no end to the fabrics brides wear for their weddings. There are plenty of options. There are of course differences. Some fabrics are good for a structured design, while others provide light and flowing looks. Then there are fabrics that are good for ball gowns.

Here are some of the fabrics that have traditionally been the most popular among brides. Also find why these fabrics look so gorgeous and are such good choices.


A lace bridal gown will always look graceful. Lace is a popular fabric for an overlay or detail, and you will find it in many styles as well. The fabric is usually named after the city where it was originally made. Popular varieties include Chantilly lace – open and detailed lace with defined border, Venise lace – textured and heavier, brides wear it usually if the wedding is in the winter, and Alençon lace –bold motifs on the net.


This is a netlike, light fabric that you will find in ballerina’s tutus. Tulle has an open weave and is sheet, looking like netting. There can also be lace designs in the fabric. There is a definite airy feeling in a ball gown made with this feeling, so brides can stay very comfortable. Ruching gives it more structure. However, both lace and tulle are delicate fabrics that can snag easily. So brides need to be careful.


Want a wedding dress that is durable, versatile, and will always look great? Go for satin. Its smooth finish and a lot of body make the fabric a good choice for structured gowns. Satin is a supportive fabric. It looks good on all body types. It will also look good on ball gown and draped styles. A wedding dress made with satin will give you a timeless elegance. There will be many amazing photo opportunities. Select a thicker fabric like duchess satin for a cool weather wedding. You can learn more about bridal satin at


Chiffon is also a great choice. It is lightweight, sheer, and the fabric’s silk texture looks so beautiful on wedding gowns. The fabric is used in layers often as an overlay for another fabric because it is so sheer. Plus, like bridal satin, chiffon too will look good on all body types.


The georgette fabric is lightweight with a smooth flow. This too is a sheer fabric. The fitting is perfect because of the material. But like lace and tulle, georgette can also snag, especially on jewelry. So brides will want to be careful.


The most notable thing about Charmeuse is its glossy sheen and lovely drape. Many brides favor this luxurious fabric. Often, you will find the fabric cut on the bias for its drape. Traditionally, the fabric has been used for making column dresses. Charmeuse is made of silk usually, but it is sometimes also made from synthetic fibers.

Organza is also a popular choice, but it is stiffer than bridal chiffon. Silk is growing in popularity, particularly gazar, radzmir and Mikado. The wedding dress of Kate Middleton was made from gazar.