The 5 Best Ways To Achieve Your Dream Home

What is more important than where we live? It’s been said that home is where you hang your hat, and although there is some truth to this why not hang your hat somewhere spectacular?

Let’s look at a few ways to get the perfect home you’ve always wanted!


It’s not a new idea to buy an old, dilapidated home and transform it into a modern masterpiece.

If you want to go down this route, it’s essential to get a thorough property survey to understand the extent of the work that’s needed.

If your renovation is extensive, or involves structural work, it could inflate your budget beyond what is reasonable for a property of that value.


Buying At A Property Auction

There are many different reasons properties are sold at an auction: settling a deceased person’s estate or bankruptcy to name a couple.

No matter the reason, it’s a great place to get a home at a bargain price.

It’s relatively easy to buy a house at auction but there are still a few things to be aware of, like auction fees; taxes; and making sure you have the correct borrowing in place for the sale if you win.

If possible, also get a survey of the property to know what you are getting yourself into.

Consider Alternative Locations

Location will have a huge impact on the value of your property. A popular location is always going to be expensive – difficult when you’re initially buying but this will play in your favour when it comes to selling your property.

However, if you can find a property somewhere a little less known, you can save a great deal. Check online to see where up and coming areas are being developed to get ahead of the curve.


Another great way to get your dream house is to buy a plot of land and build your own house on it.

Doing it this way means you’re involved in the design process and really can get everything you want.

If you’re building your own home, getting the right architect and builders on board is absolutely key. They will be the ones working with you to meet your specifications and keeping everything on time and within budget.

While this is an option that allows you to be completely unique, a great deal of project and time management is needed for it all to run smoothly.  

Think Outside The Box

No matter where you buy property and no matter the property you buy, there are always ways to make it unique.

Think creatively and about how you want your house to be. What things is no one else doing?

For example, some people have started building roofs from bamboo. Unusual? Yes. Unique? Yes. Amazing? Yes!