Ten Unique Places to Go Kayaking

When we commonly think of going kayaking abroad, there are some top destinations that always tend to come to mind such as Mexico, Scotland and New Zealand. However, there are plenty of other amazing destinations out there for you to visit that are fantastic for kayaking! If you would like to be taken off the beaten track to explore unique kayaking destinations, then make sure you carry on reading to find out more.

Clearwater – Florida

Clearwater is a beach town down the west coast of the state of Florida in America and while it is not commonly found on lists of amazing kayaking destination to visit, it really us somewhere that you will want to add to your list. This town offers a sun-drenched paradise and this town is known for its laid-back attitude and beach vibe. What we love about Clearwater is that this town suits every type of kayaker! If you are looking for a relaxing kayaking adventure, you can paddle along the azure shores of St. Pete beach, or, if you are a bit of a thrill seeker, why not visit the think mangrove tunnels of Caladesi Island! Once you have had a fun-filled day of kayaking, you can then visit one of Clearwater’s lovely restaurants for some all-American tasty food.

Okavango Delta – Botswana

If it’s a thrilling, wilderness kayaking experience that you are after, then you won’t want to miss a once in a lifetime trip to Botswana. While the safaris here are pretty spectacular, what many people also don’t know is that this is an amazing destination to go kayaking. On this trip, you will be able to view mesmerising sunsets and immerse yourself in the wildlife and nature as you glide down the Okavango Delta.

Those who decide to do a trip like this will need to ensure that their fitness levels are high enough to do so as you will be eating, camping and taking part in the activities as part of this guided tour. We would recommend that for a trip such as this, you pack an inflatable kayak as this is perfect for those with limited storage space and you can choose the best one by looking at inflatable kayak reviews online. It can be folded up to fit into your backpack and so this is the optimal portable and compact way to enjoy this trip.

Bordeaux – France

If you are looking to go on a kayaking holiday that is also family-friendly, then Bordeaux, France is the perfect place to visit. Here, you will discover the Dordogne River which is wide and is the perfect place to go on a relaxing, serene kayaking trip. The flow of this river makes for an unchallenging route and so no matter what your fitness level is, this is the perfect place to visit with the entire family as everyone can enjoy going on a kayaking adventure. As you sail down the river you will uncover picturesque villages, gorgeous chateaux’s, stunning cliffs and interesting historic sites. In-between some kayaking fun, you can visit the famous vineyards, chat with the friendly locals and visit the beautiful boutique hotels.