Tell Tale Signs that Your AC Needs Repair ASAP!

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An air conditioning system is a vital part in our family household. It keeps us warm during winter and cool during hot summer days. Neglecting to take good care of it, will leave you in an emergency situation without an AC. Giving your AC regular maintenance and checkups will avoid uncomfortable circumstances. 

To avoid any serious malfunctions of your unit, you can call a repairman once you notice any of the following problematic tell-tale signs:

1. It Won’t Turn On

As ridiculous as it might seem, once your AC unit doesn’t want to switch on to do its job, there must be something wrong. This could mean a number of things. Either the unit has completely seized up and stopped working or power isn’t reaching the unit. 

You can consult a professional from Apex Air – AC installation, to come and evaluate whether it’s just a small electrical malfunction. Or whether you need to replace the entire unit. 

2. The Control Pad Doesn’t Work Anymore

Whether the unit is increasing in temperature when you want it to cool down, or if it gets stuck in one kind of setting. When the control pad is going whack, then something might be wrong. 

Either you need to replace the batteries within the control system or the signal isn’t received by the unit. It’s a small problem that can be fixed if you act right away. 

3. Vents are Releasing Warm Air

Instead of keeping you cool, your air conditioner’s temperature keeps rising. You are feeling hot, humid, and uncomfortable in your home when the AC is on. This can be a serious sign of malfunction. 

Warm air released through the vents (when the control is switched to cool) might indicate a faulty compressor, bad condenser, or a low refrigerant charge. 

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4. Weird Noises

Manufacturers have put a lot of time and experimentation into creating noiseless AC systems. Apart from the general whirling noise from the fan, it shouldn’t produce any other strange noises. When the unit is making noises it has never made before, something isn’t quite right. Unless it’s an extremely old model. 

Strange rackety and clanking noises might indicate that some parts are loose and need tightening. 

Read this to learn more about different air conditioning unit parts. 

5. Leaking 

Water leakage from pipes or from the unit itself, might mean that there’s a burst pipe or part. A little bit of condensation found on the opening of the unit, isn’t that uncommon. But when this liquid increases and creates big puddles, it’s time to call a professional. 

Leaking of any kind can be dangerous to your family’s health. Some home owners might mistake refrigerant leaking for water leaking. When refrigerant leaks it appears to be a liquid, but it then evaporates and becomes a gas. This gas is the dangerous aspect. 

6. High Energy Bill

Your electricity bill is getting higher and higher each month, but you aren’t using any additional appliances in the home. This can indicate that your HVAC unit is faulty. 

Whenever air conditioning units start to use too much electricity, they are pulling more power than usual to keep running. Either it’s the age of the unit or something else is wrong. 

When you notice any of the above-mentioned tell-tale signs. It’s important that you contact a professional repair contractor immediately. Leaving the problem for a long time will only make matters worse and cause irreparable damage to the unit. 

When you have to phone the repairman every other week to fix minor problems, then it might be time to install a completely new unit.