Switching Utility Suppliers: When Is the Best Time to Do It?


When you consider how much effort will go into switching utility suppliers, it is understandable to want to stay with your current supplier – even if the prices are higher than you are willing to put up with. After all, it is more than a hassle to go through all the effort to change an electricity or gas supplier, especially when you have had them for several years.

That said, it is critical not to be afraid of switching suppliers, especially when things have become unreasonable. A legitimate question to ask would be: when is the best time to make the change? Here are just a few scenarios when it would be a great time to switch utility suppliers.

When you have found a much better supplier to take their place

While it goes without saying, you would be surprised how many people are willing to put up with their supplier due to the many years they have spent as a patron. While it does come with its set of advantages, it is hard to use that as a reason when the bills are sky-high.

If you manage to find a much better alternative via a quality utility bidder or another comparison site, there is little to no reason not to make the change. Just remember to check user review scores to ensure that the utility supplier you are looking at is worth making the switch!

When you are having a difficult time contacting your supplier

There are few things more aggravating than your utility bills increasing for no reason. That said, it is even more frustrating to want answers from your supplier, only to be put through every sort of customer service agent imaginable – with no explanation in sight. It is a common tactic for shady suppliers to make it challenging for customers to contact them whenever big changes are made to how bills are formulated.

If your utility supplier is refusing to speak to you regarding negative changes made to your bill, there is little to no reason to keep them around. If they do not want your business, do not give it to them.

If they are refusing to negotiate a more reasonable contract

While many utility suppliers have static agreements for their customers, a quality company will always have room to negotiate. It is the reason why they provide options in the first place. If your current utility supplier is unwilling to provide you with any reasonable contracts, it is always a good idea to search for alternatives. A utility supplier unwilling to negotiate prices with a customer they have had for several years is not worth giving your money to.

While it might be challenging to switch utility suppliers, you would be able to save a substantial amount of money if you replace them with a quality supplier with reasonable pricing. It is vital not to be afraid of making significant changes, especially if they are positive changes.