Storage Solutions for your Home

If there’s one thing that any home can’t have enough of, regardless of size, it’s storage space. And while it’s safe to say that homeowners have done remarkably well accumulating mementos and keepsakes over the years, it’s just not that easy to part with them; and that means we all need to become just a bit more innovative when it comes to find ways to store them.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some pretty ingenious storage solutions that any homeowner can use to assuage those their storage woes.

  1. Make Use of That Space Beneath Your Bed

Beds are great for sleeping, but they take up an awful lot of room. But there is a way to turn the otherwise wasted space beneath your bed into a premium storage area using an old bookshelf. To do this, you might have to raise your bed a few inches, but it’s totally worth it. Simply add a couple drawer handles to the side of the bookshelf, paint it a complementary color and you’ve got yourself a segmented storage solution that’ll hold anything from clothes and linens, to shoes and toys. It’s a great way to create some additional space where there usually isn’t.

  1. Lacking Bathroom Counter Space?

Okay, this one’s not going to let you store mementos, but it will help with bathroom clutter. If your bathroom sink is so small that you’ve got nowhere to place your toothbrush, open your vanity and cut small notches just wide enough for your toothbrush into the middle shelf. Not only will this give you a permanent spot for your toothbrush that’s out of sight, your toothbrush will remain much more sanitary because it isn’t exposed to the open air of your bathroom.

  1. Has Your Jewelry Box Become Unwieldy?

If you’ve accumulated a fair amount of jewelry over the years, you know that it can be a little tricky to keep it all organized and tangle-free. One easy solution: A Sterilite cabinet lined with egg cartons. The shape and number of individual compartments of the egg carton makes it easy to keep all your jewelry organized without taking up a lot of space.

  1. A New Way to Store Those Bulky Kitchen Utensils!

Kitchen utensils may come in handy when you’re preparing your favorite meals, but they can take up a ton of valuable cupboard or drawer space in your kitchen. If you’ve got the space, try installing a chrome curtain rod just above your stove; add a few S hooks and you’ve got a convenient, out of the way place to store your whisk, spatula, ladle, and more!

  1. Coat Hooks for Anything but Coats!

Coat hooks are much more versatile than we give them credit for. Rather than installing a wooden coat rack to your wall for hanging coats, install a couple above your walls baseboard so that you’ve got a place to hang all of your family’s shoes – not only will this keep them off the floor, it’ll make your entryway much more appealing to guests!

You can also use these coat racks in the laundry room or home office. Simply hang small buckets from the pegs and you’ll be able to organize everything from office supplies, to clothespins to dryer sheets without taking up any drawer space.

  1. PVC Shoe Rack

Let’s face it – Shoes take up a lot of room. Get yourself some 6” PVC pipe, cut it in 12” lengths and you’ve got yourself an easily configurable shoe storage system that can be placed at the back of a closet on in a crawl space.

There’s no limit to what you can accomplish with a little ingenuity, a DIY spirit and a few bucks. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of inspiration in the world around us, be it from friends or the countless homeowner or DIY blogs that can be found online.

Dollar stores are treasure troves for things like baskets, hangers, boxes, and other products and materials that you can repurpose to meet your storage needs. But you don’t have to feel as though you’ve got to make your own storage solutions – there are plenty of ready-made solutions that you can buy from just about any department or hardware store or order from any number of online furniture stores. While costlier, these solutions might be a better fit to your home’s aesthetic and will offer both a professional appearance and function.