Stop Watches from the Best Shops

Choosing a watch is a moment of pleasure but can also become a puzzle as the supply is plethoric! In this article we will explore different ways for you to choose the men’s watch that suits you best.


This article contains important points to know how to choose a watch for men

The appearance of the watch

The first criterion for the vast majority of you will be the external aspect. If I do not allow myself to judge your tastes in this area, there are some basic criteria that you should consider.

First of all the size of the watch

The smaller your wrist, the less you can afford generous diameter watches. As stated in VGL’s previous article (” How to choose a watch to wear with a suit “), the basic rule is that the horns of the watch should not extend beyond the wrist. If necessary, help yourself to an ice cream to check the rendering of the watch on your arm. However, lovers of large watches will be seduced by an oversized size. Up to you! At the My Gift Stop watches you will be able to have a perfect support.

The shape of the watch is also an important criterion and in particular the presence and shape of the push button (and the crown). Indeed, it happens that these buttons fall on a bone or are unpleasant to wear by pressing the skin. But the decisive criterion for the comfort of a watch is its weight. The heavier the watch, the more uncomfortable it will be.

The movement: mechanical or quartz?

Among all the buying criteria, that of the movement training mode is perhaps the least visible but the most important for purists. Two great families clash: mechanical movements (energy supplied by a spring) and quartz (energy supplied in the overwhelming majority of cases by a battery). This last technology is the least restrictive: no need to wind the watch, accuracy in the long run, less expensive movements than their mechanical counterparts.

A manual or automatic watch?

Did you choose a mechanical watch? Congratulations! Nevertheless there remains a second choice to make: manual or automatic? Indeed, a mechanical watch must be reassembled to work: it is necessary to tighten the spring which animates the movement. For that two solutions: the manual winding (it is necessary to turn the crown of the watch of about thirty turns every day) or the automatic winding. Lastly, a ballasted rotor drives the winding mechanism by turning, that is to say when moving the arm or rotating the watch between his hands.

Choose a sport watch or dress?

If you want a sportier watch, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, be aware that mechanical watches and especially the automatic ones appreciate only moderately the very fast gestures (type golf). Then you have to take care of the type of glass used: usually sapphire crystal or plexi. The first fear less scratches but more blows, the second … it’s the opposite!