Skincare Secrets for Beautiful Tanned Skin

A lot of people look forward to summer, and it is one of the most favourite seasons for vacation plans and summer fun. Aside from school break and more sun visibility (in some countries), summer is the best time to get yourself a nice and beautiful tan. A lot of cosmetic products like those from Dr Jart, help moisturize your skin while you are having the time of your life at the pool or beach.

Most Asian countries frown upon dark color but there are a lot of countries in Asia that are exposed to more sun. In other continents, a tan is a testament of a good time. When you come back from a summer vacation with a beautiful tan then it means that you had the time of your life during your trip, especially if you happen to live in an area that didn’t have that much access to sunlight or beach. Schoolmates, colleagues, and friends would wish that they had your tan, and you would love the color to last as long as possible.

Beautiful and glowing skin is a woman’s best accessory. Always make sure that your skincare routine is sensitive to your own personal needs and goals. Getting a natural-looking tan and making it last as long as possible is a skin goal that I’ve always had. If you’re lucky enough to live in a tropical country and get a tan for the whole year, you’d also love these skin care tips that help you maintain your beautiful bronze color:

1. Skin moisturizers that help even out your tanned skin.

There are a lot of tinted moisturizers that contain darker shades and some that also allow the tanning process to be more even across your body. Whether your skin is light or naturally dark, the goal is to have an even skin tone throughout your body. When choosing tinted moisturizers, always go for the shade that is one step lighter than your natural colour, since it tends to “melt” into your skin as another layer.

2. Tan-prolonging and sun recovery lotions after your tanning session.

If you’re naturally light-skinned and you just had a nice tanning session, it would help if you use tan-prolonging and sun-recovery lotions on your skin. Sun recovery lotion helps make sure that your skin doesn’t overheat and your tan doesn’t turn into a burn, while the tan-prolonging allows your dark skin to maintain its moisture. These two lotions, albeit different, serve a similar purpose.

3. Don’t over-exfoliate your skin during baths and skincare routines.

Exfoliation is great for all skin types but it’s terrible if you have dark skin or a tan that you want to preserve. Scrubbing results in the partial removal of cells at the epidermis so it could sometimes result in the lightening or removal of your preserved tan. For cleansing purposes, you can lightly rub your skin but don’t scrub it too hard.

4. Wear sun protection and sunscreen lotion.

There’s a misconception that sunscreen is only for those with lighter skin and not applicable to those with darker skin. No one is immune to sun damage, sunburn and skin cancer. Sunscreen works as a protection from the harmful effects of sunlight; as an added bonus, it helps in preserving your skin’s tone as it is.

5. Avoid glutathione or Kojic beauty products or soaps.

If you want to maintain your dark colour then you should stay away from products with whitening properties. Although glutathione is primarily used for liver cleansing, one of its side effects is skin lightening. If you want to preserve your beautiful bronze colour then you should stay away from whitening products like glutathione and soaps with kojic acid components.

Healthy Skin First

Maintaining your skin’s health is more important than making sure the colour stays on. Always make sure that the products you apply are compatible with your skin. You can do a skin allergy test in the store before you buy any new product; alternatively, you can simply ask for a smaller bottle or sample size.

Some people have naturally-dark skin (lucky them), and because of some whitening properties of skin care, they could end up having a hard time looking for a product that is sensitive to their skin type and colour. We should always be proud of who we are (tan or otherwise). Whether the tan is superficial or natural, the goal is to let the bronze goddess in you shine brightly.