Signs That Tell You to Replace Old Solar Eclipse Glasses & Go Shopping for a New One

When you are wearing a pair of solar eclipse glasses or any other protective or safety glasses that are supposed to shield your delicate eyes from the dangerous elements, you would have to be very careful. You must examine thoroughly before using your solar eclipse glasses. You must see if there are any defects or damages on your pair and if it needs to be replaced at once,with a fresh new one. Shop for a new pair of solar eclipse glasses, as soon as, you discover any damage or defect.

Why Are Solar Eclipse Glasses So Important?

When you make an effort to look directly at the sun on any normal day, you would soon realize that you are not able to look directly at the blazing sun. You simply end up squinting or blinking your eyes before averting them. However, while the solar eclipse is on, you would really be tempted to take a quick glance without the proper solar eclipse safety glasses for protection of your delicate eyes. The sunlight would be sending ultraviolet rays which could be triggering eye issues like macular degeneration, corneal dystrophies, and solar retinitis.

Moreover, your retina does not actually have any pain receptor for discerning if your eyes are actually injured or damaged until after the damage has already been done. So, how could you understand that you need to go out shopping for a new pair of solar eclipse glasses? Here are few basic signs that tell you that the solar glassesyou possess, requires immediate replacement.

Scratches Are Present

While examining your solar eclipse safety glasses, you discover a few scratches; you must consider replacing it with a new and flawless pair for 100% protection and safety for your eyes. Solar eclipse viewing could prove to be dangerous if you do not wear the right safety gear. Solar eclipse glasses are usually kept away until the next one arrives. Often they are not kept safely away and could develop some scratches that could compromise your eye safety and visibility. Whether it is solar eclipse Montana or Iowa, you need to be very particular about examining the safety issues associated with the safety eyewear or protective gear.

Glasses Are Quite Old

You need to buy a fresh pair provided your solar eclipse safety glasses are quite old and seem to be outdated. By outdated it is not implied that it has gone out of fashion, it actually means that its functionality or effectiveness must have gone down. Just in the same manner some technologies become obsolete, so too would your glasses. If your solar eclipse glasses were purchased almost five years back, it is high time you invested in a reliable and reputed pair of solar eclipse glasses. In five years, your pair could be losing its efficiency and some of the key characteristics impacting your visibility and also your complete eye safety.


You must look for the above-discussed tell-tale signs before you consider using an old pair of solar eclipse glasses. Not only would unused and old glasses become really challenging to clean, they could lose their efficiency and your safety could be compromised.

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