Sightseeing highlights in Innsbruck

What to Do on a Vacation to Innsbruck


Innsbruck is a renowned place across the world. It’s a favorite area for all sorts of winter sports. The city boasts of famous ski resorts that attract people across the globe.

With a wide array of attractions that range from historical churches, scenic cable cars, and other breathtaking views, Innsbruck is a prime destination for everyone.

In this document, we’ll explore some of the things that you can do while on a trip to this great city. Such include Sightseeing highlights in Innsbruck among others. Take a look.

  • Altstadt Von Innsbruck

It acts as the Innsbruck old town. The town is arguably one of the breathtaking attractions across the country.

Some of the buildings in this town are about five centuries old. There is a great deal of history on these towns. Efforts are being made to preserve the medieval details among other rich histories that the town preserves.

You can pay a visit here to enjoy amazing cuisines, drinks, and coffee in one of the restaurants in this place. Enjoy your meal as you enjoy the amazing architectural designs here.

  • Innsbruck Nordkettenbahnen

This is a ride on a cable car to the largest natural park in Austria. The pleasant journey up the mountains takes around 30 minutes. Here, you’ll enjoy amazing views in the park as well as the jaw-dropping sceneries that surround these mountains.

With the different stops along the way, you can get off or continue with the journey to the very top. In each stop, you’ll get something different and unique to do. You can watch the skiers climb on Karwendel rocky face or as they speed down the slope.

Whatever you decide to do, this cable car will offer an impressive ride.

  • Ambras Castle

The castle is one of the biggest attraction sites in the country. The castle was the home to famous Archduke Ferdinand, a historical figure.

Inside this castle, you’ll get an intrinsically decorated Spanish hall. Currently, the hall hosts various classical music concerts.

Besides this castle, you’ll get a brilliant display of armory, artwork, arms and an attractive courtyard to admire.

  • Imperial Palace (Hofburg)

Hofburg is an ancient and fine piece of architecture. Erected in the 1400’s this brilliant palace is a place to reckon with. It boasts of white façade, green doomed interior, and appealing interiors.

Currently, the Hofburg palace has been split into five museums. Each of these museums is themed to showcase the history of Austria and display how the furnishings of a royal palace should look like.

In these museums, you’ll find an ancestral gallery, painting gallery, and a furniture gallery. All these are designed to illustrate the different cultural aspects of Hapsburgs.

  • The Swarovski Crystal World

The Swarovski is a magical place to be. It fills the visitors with a sense of delight and wonder.

If you love sightseeing highlights in Innsbruck, this is the place to be. It’s packed with numerous outdoor areas that include a waterfall, a hedge maze, and a large sculptured face.

The place has a dazzling indoor display containing crystals that are crafted by great and visionary designers.