Should You Go For Solar Panels For Your Home?

Energy rates just keep going up all the time. It is getting more expensive to keep your home warm or cool and run your appliances. It could be time to think about getting solar power to lower your energy bills. 

Solar panels can be expensive and not every area of the country will be ideal for them. It isn’t easy to know if solar panels are the best option. There are other options like a solar power generator (view it now) that can be used even when you don’t have panels, at least.

Will a solar power system be the right fit? In this article, we will go over what you need to know to understand if they are worth it. 

Evaluate your sunlight hours

The area where you live will need to be sunny for most of the day. Some areas of the country are not always that sunny. Look at the average amount of sun per month for the last few years in your area and make a determination of how many you can expect.

You should also consider the position of your house. Solar panels need to be on a sloped roof or be able to be positioned on a flat roof in such a way that they face the South. In the northern hemisphere, the sun will be in the SOuth for the majority of the day. 

Houses that are not able to have southerly facing panels are not going to be able to place them on the roof. In this case, they will need to be mounted on the ground. This means that there needs to be plenty of space to accommodate them.

If it looks like there is not enough sunlight potential then you will need to find panels that work well in low light conditions. 

Take advantage of incentives

Setting up a solar power system is expensive but luckily there are many government incentives to help offset the cost. There are federal tax credits that will pay for a portion of the installation. This will reduce the amount of money you owe in your tax return. 

There are also local incentives available depending on the state. There are things like cashback bonuses when you pay to have solar installed. Sometimes property taxes are waived for a certain amount of time. 

Think about the batteries

Photovoltaic technology has gotten to a point in which solar panels are very cheap. Often the high cost of the system is in the batteries. These are essential to using solar as you need to be able to power your home when the sun isn’t shining. Every night the power for your home will come from a battery or power wall. 

Without these, you will only have solar power during the day and grid power at night. Make sure you know what your energy demand is so you get the right battery to power your home all day and night.