The Shoe Guide: 5 Kinds Of Flats That Should Be In Your Shoe Wardrobe

We are always on the run for something, that is why shoes are of maximum importance. And most girls prefer wearing shoes with high heels because they look fantastic. They are sexy, stylish, elegant, and completes the entire outfit exquisitely.

However, its appearance is not everything. Shoes that are flat might not be as sexy as you think, but they are much more practical. You can do countless things while using them. High heels are not that much of use when you are doing something that requires your feet all day.

More women are becoming a fanatic of flats for plenty of reasons. They are comfortable and safe. Look no further, listed below are five types of flats that should be in your shoe wardrobe.


Espadrilles are very light summer shoe made from canvas, giving prominence to a braided fiber sole. This type of flats is highly comfortable which men and women alike can wear.

Espadrilles shoes are popular all around the world, particularly in Spain. Also, this shoe is very eco-friendly because the materials used in making this shoe is natural. Comfort is not only its advantage, but it also speaks high fashion.

The process of creating this kind of shoe is very complex. Lots of work are needed to make the design more lavish. Another great thing about Espadrilles is that it helps keep your feet from the odor and sweating during the whole day.


Loafers are a type of shoe that are laceless and low. It is famous in American culture that has a deerskin or other soft leather construction. Loafers are always trending and super comfy. This type of shoe allows you to move in style and to dress up fashionably.

These slip-on shoes are perfect pieces to incorporate into your shoe wardrobe. Loafers are very practical, versatile, and you can wear them on many occasions. These shoes are very comfortable and durable.

Now, various slip-ones are created from different fabrics such as suede, canvas, leather, and much more. Loafers are the most casual type of all shoes, and it can go best with shirts, jeans, and shorts.


Sandals are an open-toe shoe with straps connecting the sole to the foot. These shoes are great if you wish to allow your feet to breath. Often, it is necessary to keep your feet dry, and sandals are excellent for making it happen.

This type of flats is perfect for taking a trip outside your house. Sandals will protect your feet from the stones and rocks in your yard. Plus you can instantly slip them off and on if you feel like walking outside.

Sandals are the perfect shoe to wear on the beach. These flats can guard your feet against the warm sand, and you can submerge these sandals into the water if you wish to wash them at the end of the day.

For the most part, wearing sandals in hot climates reduces the risks of acquiring athlete’s foot compared with confined shoes. Sandals are great for any foot conditions to immediately heal as they are not enclosed.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are flat, light shoe, typically with a round-toe looking like those used by ballet dancers. These flats are comfortable, pleasant, and are more beneficial than wearing heels.

Ballet flats are an excellent alternative to those agonizing heels. These shoes are perfect for women with a hectic lifestyle. Those who take long travel on foot every day will consider ballet flats excellent.

These flats are created for the outdoors because the material made for its sole rubber which makes them more durable for walking. Ballet flats are available in a broad variety of style and colors and are unique, trendy, and comfortable. The materials used in their manufacture will never cause you any health problems. These flats are practical, comfortable, no risk injury, and a good value for the money.


Plimsolls are lightweight, normally with a rubber sole canvas shoe, and designed for sports. This shoe has sturdy rubber soles about eight or nine millimeters thick. Plimsolls are convenient, simple and fashionable.

You can pair your plimsolls with any outfits to obtain at least one in dissimilar styles. Plimsolls shoes have achieved its popularity over the past years, and it is no surprise that it has evolved into the best choice for casual footwear.

Plimsolls are lightweight, comfortable, inexpensive, breathable, and easy to clean. This type of shoes is excellent for doing exercises because the rubber sole is non-slip which keeps you safe.

Whether you are playing any sport, you will find that plimsolls are the excellent choice for footwear. The rubber sole implements a better grip, which is very important for safety purposes. Additionally, the materials used are allowing some air inside the shoe which can refresh your feet.


Flat shoes allow your thigh and leg muscles to stretch and contract fully thus avoiding injury, pain, and stiffness in the joints and knees which is typical for those who wear high-heeled shoes all the time. Espadrilles, Loafers, Sandals, Ballet Flats, and Plimsolls are just a few types of flats that should be in your shoe wardrobe.