Safe Haven: Top Reasons Why Your Attic Needs To Be Well-Ventilated

People always have a favorite part inside the house. Others like to stay in the kitchen and the dining area because they love food. Some want to stay in the bedroom for them to do what they want. For party people, they spend more time in the living room to entertain their guests. As they say, people’s favorite rooms often reflect their personalities.  

Whatever part of the house is your favorite, you may also have what you call a secret room. It’s a room that shares the privacy of your bedroom. An Attic will always be that room for you. You can do anything in the attic. You can find it between the ceiling of the top floor and the roof. Since it’s a secret room, it’s located in the topmost part of the house.

For you to stay comfortably inside your attic, you must make it well-ventilated. Ventilation is the process of letting the air come in and out inside the room. It’ll regulate the temperature of the attic, making you feel comfortable. Here are the top reasons why you should keep your attic well-ventilated.

Reduces Heat Build-up

Proper ventilation reduces heat buildup. The heat of the sun is the reason why most of the rooms inside your house heat up and the attic is no exception. The sunlight reaches the roof and radiates to the ceiling of the house. As a result, the temperature inside the attic rises.

Typically, when the sun sets, the temperature in the attic starts to decrease. However, the materials inside the attic absorb the heat, and it may take time to cool down at night. That’s why it’s more difficult for the non-ventilated attic to regulate the temperature since the heat will continue to build up.

For architects or structural designers, they always consider installing proper ventilation in the attic. The attic rooms will be livable if the air temperature will give you a relaxing feeling and comfort. Otherwise, you can’t stay inside the room even for a single minute.

Prevents Moisture Build-up

Attic rooms accumulate moisture. Snow and rain hit the walls of the house and evaporate into the attic through the eaves. Daily activities like taking a shower, washing laundry, and washing the dishes in the kitchen create moisture going up to the attic and gradually accumulates there.

For non-ventilated attics, it may result in a buildup of moisture or even a frost. During cold seasons, attic ventilation needs considerable attention. Otherwise, it’ll lead to any future problem inside the attic as well as to the entire house structure that may result in costly expenses or even inevitable accidents.

Prevents Roof Damage

Excessive heat and moisture from the attic destroy the roof of your house. It’ll rot the roof structure and slowly wreck the shingles.

Proper attic ventilation decreases the chance of ice damming. When the snow on the roof melts off due to the heat produced by the attic, then it becomes frozen again in the gutters, it’ll cause an ice dam that may destroy the roof structure of the house.

Moreover, moisture builds rust on nails and other metallic materials inside the attic. When the nails on the wooden wall become rusty, it may rot the wood, and loosen the tightness between the nails and the wood used for the framework. It might result in costly repairs in the future and even accidents.


People transform their attics into home offices, bedrooms, or even a recreation room. Whatever the function attic serves, it must be well-ventilated. Otherwise, it’ll accumulate moisture that can damage the furniture and other important items inside the attic. You can visit websites like Roofco Roofing for further details.

Keep in mind that the space under your roof is so versatile. No one limits your wild imagination from making your attic room to be the storage of your dreams and hidden desires. Store your talents, hobbies, and your personalities inside that room. Since your attic safely keeps the precious you, make it safe by providing it with proper ventilation.