Protect Your Home by Installing Bistro Blinds

Having bistro blinds is a great way to extend your outdoor area. Besides, it will protect your home from the harsh elements of weather. You can install them on pergola. It is suitable for most of the restaurants that are having outdoor setting, where there is seating arrangement in open area, as it blocks 90 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays. Thus, if you own a café, restaurant or some other establishment and want to enhance your outdoor seating arrangement then possibly bistro blinds are a perfect solution for you. Moreover, you can install the bistro blinds without any help.

So, let us discuss how you can install the bistro blinds in your property. Here are a few steps you need to take while installing bistro blinds –

Make sure to use safety measures

First of all, what you need to do is to keep safety measures in mind, as you cannot work without those. So, when you are going to install the bistro blinds, make sure you have all the safety equipment and follow the safety measures. Otherwise, you might hurt yourself in the installation process.

Building a deck

Before you build a new deck, you need to consider some important points. You must check underground cables and pipes, council approval, and decide the overall design before you start building your deck. Then measure and set your deck. It has to be a right deck measurement. Install the stumps and bearers, after that install the joists, and lay the decking boards.

Clamping of blinds

Once you are done with the base, now what you have to do is fix the blinds to the structure like bulkhead, beam, or wall. Do the clamping in a way that it is ready to drill. If you are doing in a beam then you can attach head rail to outside, inside or base edge too.

Fix the head rail

Then the next step in the installation process of bistro blinds is to attach the head rail to the drilled holes. Make sure you secure the blinds with a socket wrench with coach screws so that they are tight enough. Ensure the holes are approx. 30 mm deep for good grip.

Join extra blinds

After you have done this, you need to zip off the roped edges in order to fix the zip joiner in case you are joining two or more blinds. This needs to be done with perfection as you align the additional blinds line up, zip them, clamp to the head rail, and attach it.

Fix wall anchors

Next, in order to seal the bistro blinds against the weather, you need to insert the roped edge of the blind to the anchor channel. Then slip it towards the end. You need to further fix it to the wall or post with the help of the screws by drilling the clearance holes by flat section of the anchor channel.

Anchor the bistro blinds

You need to use screw to fix the anchor plates to decking, in order to prevent the movement in the windy season and hold the blind steadily; you need to adjust the anchor strap on the base rail. Besides, you can roll up the blinds in high winds.

Attach a cord cleat

On the other hand, in order to keep the bistro blinds secure when it is rolled up, secure a cord cleat to the wall at a height where you can easily get access. Thus, to have a smooth operation tie the lift cords in infinity pattern.

Hence, by following these steps and methods, it becomes easier for you to install the bistro blinds on your own. Follow the process step by step so that you do not commit any mistake in the procedure.