Phenomenal Idea That Shows How To Build A Homemade Pizza Oven

If you are a pizza lover you will certainly love this new idea for DIY project. There is no better idea than making a pizza oven on your own in the backyard. And yes this is possible, and it is not so hard and complicated as it may sound. This way you can make the pizza with the ingredients you want and a pizza with a natural taste, fresh and all hot from the oven. Nothing is better, or more universally popular than a good pizza.

And there is a difference between pizza from an electric oven and a pizza from a wood fired pizza oven. It will be a real pleasure to make a pizza and eat it with your family and friends, organizing the most appreciated gatherings in your backyard. A pizza oven will definitely prove quite useful to make all this possible and this is a phenomenal idea that shows how to build a homemade pizza oven, you will be impatient to try it in your own yard.

The first step would be to make a wooden frame over which, later, you will lay the bricks in order to construct the walls of the pizza oven.


The durability of an oven is determined by the construction materials used. Use the frame you have made and position it in the center of the concrete slab. Then mortar a row of firebricks along one side and then along the other side of the frame. Using mortar will ensure that you will make a solid construction. It is recommendable to use fire resistant mortar to be able to sustain heat.


After this, you can remove the frame and start with making a brickwork frame by mortaring additional three bricks on both sides. For this you will need a brick trowel.


Cut some small brick pieces to fill the empty spaces between the bricks in the brickwork frame.


Use an auxiliary wooden frame on top of the base to make a frame out of bricks against the auxiliary one, to get a nice half circled oven shape.


Mortar one by one the layers of bricks on the both sides following the shape of the frame. Leave the last two rows at the top at the end.


Once you build the oven, it is time for the chimney.


This is pretty much all the work.


After a day or two when the mortar is dry, you can remove the auxiliary frame. Before starting to bake pizzas in the new oven leave it for a week to dry completely.


Now it is ready to bake the most delicious pizzas, as a real pizza chief.


Bon appétit!