Personal Protections – A Non-Invasive Guide to Home Security

Home is where the heart is. It’s a place to spend time with your family, friends, and other loved ones. A place to relax, to unwind and to recharge your batteries after the end of each long day. It’s a place to take pride in, to spruce up and to treat with respect and care. Also, it’s also a place where you should feel safe. Unfortunately, there are some nefarious types out there that prey on decent, hard-working people. Burglaries and home invasions occur, and while they don’t happen to everyone, they could happen to you. Luckily, there are a few non-invasive steps you can take to secure your property, so let’s learn about some personal protection.

Protect Your Windows

Did you know that most thieves will try to gain access to your property through a window? Even a closed and locked window can break, so don’t assume that closing your window is a surefire defence against thieves. It’s worth investing in security windows. Crimsafe security screens are composed of stainless steel, making them hard to bash, pierce or otherwise breached. As well as defending your home against possible intrusions, security mesh windows constitute a significant deterrent to robbers, who are going to look for a softer touch to try.

Security Doors Are Worth It

Aside from your windows, your front and back doors are other possible entry points for would-be bandits. You can further deter them by installing security mesh doors. Some companies might even do you a special deal if you purchase both security windows and doors from them, and offer discounted rates or discounted installation. It’s worth doing a ring around to see what deals you can find.

CCTV is a Good Idea

Another non-intrusive security measure is to install a Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) system at your property. A few well-placed cameras usually positioned at the front, sides and rear of your home will go a long way towards turning thieves away. If they’re dumb enough to try your property, you’ll have video evidence of the perpetrators to hand over to law enforcement. A decent system will set you back one to two thousand. If this is outside of your budget, you can pick up faux cameras that look the real deal and will still work as an effective deterrent.

Alarm Systems

The next step is to consider a robust alarm system. These usually operate as a motion sensor that you switch on as you leave the house. Without the correct PIN, the alarm will sound and send the robbers running. Depending on your set up, some systems even link to a private security company who will head over to investigate the alarm.

High Fences

Finally, a high fence is another major deterrent to dodgy types. While burglars can climb fences, the higher it is, the better, as thieves are often lazy and opportunistic and would instead not work for their ill-gotten gains – that’s why they’re thieves after all. So consider installing some high fencing. You’ll have some extra privacy as a bonus! Keep in mind that your neighbours will need to agree to a new fence and share the costs, so prepare to be diplomatic in your approach to them. Raising concerns about security may be enough to convince them to pitch in.

A Crimsafe Conclusion

Invest in security mesh windows and doors, and you’ll improve your home’s security rating. Consider a CCTV system, or a faux one if you’re on a tight budget. An alarm system is also a great idea, as is upgrading your fencing.