Passion for Fashion: Tips on How to Match Your Accessories to Your Outfit.

Fashion has been around since the early age. Mixing and matching are one of the standard steps on how to cope up with fashion. Since fashion is always present, beautiful dresses are nothing without the right accessories. That’s why accessories are one of the most essential factors in the fashion industry.

One of the basic rules in the fashion industry is the proper way of matching accessories to the clothes you are wearing. Necklaces, bracelets and even watches are some of the accessories that are needed to complete your outfit for the day.

Here are some tips on how to match your accessories to your clothes.

Knowing the Right One

Choosing an accessory to match your dress, rain jacket, casual blouse or fancy top may be a bit tricky, but the standard rule is to pair them with the rest of the accessories you are wearing. Also, don’t settle for cheap brands. Because it may be good looking, but it may also cause you harm. Some people are allergic to certain kinds of a necklace.

If you want to be noticed, the best suggestion is to pick the best part of your body which you think will show off the accessories you’re wearing. You can also choose a stone that represents your birth month to give additional information about the accessory you are wearing.

Size Does Matter

Necklaces, bracelets, and watches are some of the primary accessories a person could wear. That’s why choosing the right size is essential. Big is always better as what others usually say, but there is an exception for it. Wearing accessories that are way too big often doesn’t match with the clothes you are wearing.

Sizes depend not just on the clothes you wear. It can also differ on the occasion or location you’re going. Rings are the best example for this one because not all the time it will be the highlight of your dress. Also, large rings don’t look good on people with short fingers.

Watches are also an example for this one. Always make sure that your watch isn’t that big if you’re wearing formal clothes. Just keep it simple yet elegant at the same time. Big watches are the best match for regular garments like t-shirts.

Right Tone For You

Color is a significant factor when wearing accessories since not all of them will match all clothes. If you’re wearing dark clothes, light-colored accessories are the best pair for it. And if you’re wearing light clothes, dark accessories like watches is the ideal partner for that one.

Avoid using single a color to match everything you are wearing. Primary colors are best paired with secondary colors. Dark colored accessories like watches look good if you’re wearing a suit. Silver and gold watches complement well with formal attire.

Explore and Restore

Some can be creative by using old ones or damaged accessories to create a new style. Some can’t stand the idea of wearing broken accessories like watches. Watches like Rolex should always be taken good care of, not just because it’s expensive, but it is also the best watch to be paired in formal attire. Also, in case you have a damaged one click here.


Fashion can stress a person if they don’t know how to pair the accessories they are wearing. Patience and a little bit of taste are what you need to pull off the looks you’re aiming to have. Fashion will always be part of the everyday life. Just be confident on what you are wearing and still remember the necessary ways on how to match your accessories to what you are wearing.