Outdoor Get-Togethers: X Tech Upgrades to Consider for Your Patio


There’s just something about an outdoor space that can change the whole concept of home. Instead of spending all your time indoors, more homeowners are looking outside to have some fun and expand their entertaining options. And according to reporting from the Baltimore Sun, patios and outdoor spaces are rapidly growing in popularity. But there’s really no need to settle for average when reimagining what your patio can really be. Instead of just adding some cookie-cutter patio furniture and calling it a day, upgrade your patio with all the best tech to transform your outdoor space.

Upgrade your security system

Before you make tons of tech upgrades to your patio, you need to make sure you protect your new investment from the start. A wireless security system can help protect your property and keep an eye on it whether you’re at the office or on vacation. You can also choose options from Lorex to install yourself in an out-of-the-way location so you’re not distracting from all the upgrades going on with your patio.

Create an outdoor cinema

Why watch movies on a regular TV or listen to music on outdoor speakers when you can create an amazing outdoor cinema? Pop the popcorn and pick your favorite movies before heading to your patio to relax under the stars. A gadget like the Optoma HD142X offers optimal performance and 3,000 lumens for a makeshift backyard theater. Host your family and friends and enjoy the experience of movie watching in a totally fun and unique way.

Plug into a USB umbrella

A patio is a wonderful way to get outdoors, breathe in some fresh air and get some work done at the same time. Just fire up the laptop and plug in your favorite gadgets without the need for multiple outlets and extension cords. Stretch out under a smart patio umbrella outfitted with solar panels to turn the sun’s rays into energy to charge up your gadgets. Just plug them directly into the USB ports and you’re ready to work, listen to your favorite music or chat with a friend online while relaxing.

Get smart with your lighting

The innovative smart umbrella isn’t the only way to make your patio a little smarter. Outdoor smart lighting is also a fun, simple and elegant way to reimagine your patio area. Invest in some Philips Hue Outdoor Lights with weather-proof bulbs, color-changing lights and even the ability to create spotlights for your patio and lawn area. Control the aesthetic of your lighting to choose your favorite colors and create the perfect backdrop for your patio.

Fire up the grill

Tech upgrades don’t have to be all about fun gadgets. They can also be big, bold and transform your entertaining experience. Instead of hovering over a traditional smoking grill, upgrade to a social grilling table where friends and family can gather. You’ll end up with restaurant-quality heat for all of your favorite dishes and plenty of room to experiment with new recipes.

Tech upgrades are a fun way to kick off your patio redesign and add more functionality to your outdoor space at the same time. Focus on the gadgets and tech upgrades you love the most and expand to make the most out of your high-tech patio.