How to Make Your Laundry Room Stylish with Trough and Sinks

A utility room is of no use without a functional laundry trough and sink. This is a prominent part of every laundry room as that is where the real action occurs. The laundry trough and sinks are different from the ordinary ones as they are larger in size and have a deep as well as wide sized basin areas that are perfectly suitable for doing all kinds of washing and laundry chores. Due to such a vast range of functionality and utility, laundry trough and sinks come in a variety of different models and styles. If you pick a suitable model, it can suit your needs perfectly.

For choosing the right pick of laundry trough and sink, here is a buying guide to drawing your attention to every factor that matters. Keep in mind that each minor factor matters while choosing a suitable laundry sink.

#1. Installation-Style and Location:  

As a laundry trough and sink are a permanent fixture, you need to ensure that you pick something that is convenient and long-lasting. First, you need to pick a spot that is comfortable to access. There are 4 types of installation styles that you can pick from based on the place of installation and the space available in the laundry:

  • Drop – in Style: This type of laundry trough and sinks have over mount sinks. It is generally nestled into a hole that is cut into the countertop. There is generally a hole below the counter to fit it in.
  • Undermount: This style of installation of laundry trough and sinks is entirely done underneath the countertop with the counter completely covering the laundry sink. This gives it a finished and contemporary look with an added benefit of easy cleaning of the counter.
  • Wall Mounted: This type of laundry trough and sink is independently installed on a wall or is standing independently on the floor. They are stand-alone units that are exclusively meant for laundry.
  • Portable Units: This type of laundry trough and sink installation is not much preferred due to the size constraint. The benefit of these units is the mobility. You can take it to the mess instead of bringing the mess to the sink.

#2. Material:

Without any debate, the choice of material is the topmost concern while installing laundry trough and sinks. You can pick from 4 options available based on your budget and preferences:

  • Stainless Steel: This is the most practical choice because it is economical as well as functional. It has low maintenance requirements and can be cleaned easily. But, it can be scratched easily.
  • Acrylic: This material costs less and is light in weight. The reason that many homeowners prefer it for laundry trough and the sink is that it is stain resistant and can be easily cleaned and maintained. Acrylic gives a perfect glossy finish that fits any style and space. The only drawback is that it is not as durable and is a bit noisy while in use.
  • China Porcelain: China clay is fired at high temperatures to make it non-porous. This is the most preferred material as it is highly stained resistant and is the easiest to clean. It is durable and has a smooth ceramic surface with an aesthetically appealing shine. Ceramic laundry trough and sinks are like a shiny addition to the laundry room.
  • Cast Iron: This material is known to be extremely heavy and so if you are looking for something permanent and sturdy, this is your material. Cast iron laundry trough and sinks are generally coated¬†with porcelain or ceramic that is prone to get scrapped off over time. So, extra care is necessary.

These above-mentioned options can help you narrow down your choices of laundry trough and sinks and then choose a perfect one.