Let’s Visit Singapore – The Most Expensive City in The World

Singapore was rated as the most expensive city in the world for the second year in the study of the “Economist Intelligence Unit”. But, Singapore offers more than beautiful historical buildings, colorful shopping centers, well-kept parks, luxury hotels and fine dining.

Behind this that is one of the few remaining city-states in the world and the smallest country in Southeast Asia, thanks to its modern architecture, the multitude of temples and rich tropical vegetation, Singapore occupies a special place on the world tourist map. The rigorous rules, huge skyscrapers, delicious food mixed with Chinese, Indian and Malay influences, make this city an excellent opportunity for exciting life.

I am sure that when you visit Singapore you will feel like there is so much things to do there yet so little time, because this city is full of amazing things. Don’t lose your time, pack your bags and go to Singapore.

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