Learn How To Build Creative Bamboo Roof and To Save The House Of Rain

Hey there creative friends and people with style and creativity. We’ve been talking about how to use bamboo as a decorative element in the house. It looks very nice while it’s used as a decoration at the house. Bamboo as a room divider, bamboo as a fountain and more and more. Now it’s time to tell you how to use bamboo material for the house roof. If you haven’t heard before, by using bamboo material for the roof of the house you could totally save the house. Stay with us and find out how is this possible. Find out how some people used bamboo for their house roofs through images.

Actually, using bamboo for your house roof, it’s not primitive. It is very used nowadays and it’s very modern.

What I mean to save your house, I mean to save your house of the rain. If your house is not enough protected, it could be a big problem about that. I would like to explain you how is made one bamboo roof. It is made of bamboo stems to support for the rog.

These types of roof are made by using eight bamboo stems. In this way you will make a frame made of bamboo. Next step is to overlapped reciprocal these stems on the ground. Then, cover the roof by using palm. Next step is to add bamboo tiles one by one. Be patient and see the result. By doing this you will make rain barrel and you will protect your house of rain. And now, learn how to build creative bamboo roof and to save the house of rain! I would like to invite you to see the following images and to follow the instructions. And for the end, I would like to thank you for your attention. Have a nice rest of the day and keep following us.

                                            Source: www.designarchitectureart.com