Khloé And Kourtney Kardashian Massive Homes That Will Leave You Speechless

When you’re member of what is undoubtedly America’s most famous and controversial family, with so much of your life going on in front of the cameras, on TV, many reality shows and in the tabloids, you need a place far away from millions of people that love or hate you. The two famous sisters Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian who are part of this family show off their stunning homes, which are far away from peoples eyes located around the corner from each other in Calabasas, Calif. They are not only sisters, they are also neighbors, and what is even more important they even share the same home decorator, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, but when it comes to their tastes for decoration they are very specific and completely different. You can notice that from the gallery below. So, if you are curious to know how their houses are organized and decorated keep reading to see photos of Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian massive homes that will leave you speechless. Enjoy!


Kourtney’s house style show her love of modern art and recent embracement of color.


The entry at Kourtney’s house is filled with light and big green plant that along with the two vases with roses make it more lovely.


Kourtney’s living room is representative of her affinity for monochromatics with a dash of color and lot of elegance.


The kitchen is also very good organized and equipped. The pending lights look just amazing.


Kourtney’s dining room includes very futuristic artwork, a chandelier with very inventive design, and vintage table and chairs.


The ceiling light in the bathroom is one of a kind and the tub is extremely elegant and modern.


This is how looks one of the guests room in Kourtney’s house.


The main bedroom is very modern and luxurious.


Featuring a drum kit, oversize stuffed animals, and chalk wall, Kourtney’s playroom for her three children.




Kourtney’s pool terrace is also outstanding, big enough with enough chaise longues with nice fabric cushions for all the family members.


This is Khloé in her vast master closet featuring the most amazing and glamorous chandelier and nice wallpaper. I suppose this is the dream closet for every girl.


In the courtyard at Khloé’s house, the fireplace is surrounded with lots of greenery and an interesting shaped mirror.


This beautiful fountain is also a remarkable outdoor detail.


The family room is very warm and beautifully decorated with many lanterns, ceiling wallpaper, and modern white sectional sofa. The patterned rug fits in the whole room decoration.


This is the tented Khloe’s living room with a sheer fabric. Really contemporary and unique right? The antique shaped mirror fits perfectly in the room as well as the white sofa and the soft beige rug.


This is Khloé’s screening room that is filled with luxurious fabrics and is perfect for cozy movie nights.


Khloé’s glam room is really spacious equipped with large mirrors illuminated by incandescent bulbs.


In this bathroom dominates marble that makes it look modern and contemporary.


Khloé’s master suite has really comfortable bed with cozy and fluffy fur bedding.


The niche in Khloé’s bedroom is marked by a mix of exotic touches, among them a star-shaped lantern, a photograph and a small side table. The bench cushion is covered by patterned satin and soft pillows.


Khloe’s very well organized pantry with lot of storage space and storage containers.



A custom-made hood and a pendant light serve as sculptural focal points in the kitchen. The wall ovens and kitchen cabinets fit perfectly and do not take too much space in the kitchen and the kitchen island makes additional storage space.