Keeping Your Home Warm and Stylish this Winter

While summer is well and truly underway, it’s not too early to begin to think about how you can update your home for the winter season. Whether you live in a cozy apartment or in a big family home, you want whatever space you have to have your own personal stamp throughout. Although it can be a tricky task in keeping your home both warm and stylish, there are many tips out there you can follow which will leave your home infused with personal style and warmth for when colder nights roll in. To ensure you have the best ideas in mind, it’s worth sticking to a tried and tested list of favorites, such as those below.

Statement essentials

It’s easy to think that basic features around the home aren’t there to make a statement, but sometimes a simple update can vastly improve your space and introduce a pop of color to any room. When you are focusing on keeping everyone warm, the feature you should be addressing is your radiators and heaters. If you are bored of how your plain white ones match with the rest of your home, it’s a good idea to visit Warmrooms to see how they can infuse their innovative heating solutions into any space, and keep it toasty at the same time.

Plush furnishings

If you can’t make any big changes this year, one of the most foolproof ideas is to invest in some new plush furnishings to wrap up warm with on winter nights. The best thing about these furnishings is that you can completely change the look of a room simply by choosing the right patterns and colors. The most popular option is purchasing new cushions or having thick throws strewn across sofas and beds. Making your own could be a better option if you are short on money, but if you can spare time to scour online stores and in-store sales, you may find a high-quality bargain that fits right into your home.

Imaginative lighting

A lot of what makes a home feel comfortable and warm is the appropriate lighting. If you are set on having glaring, white lights scattered around your home, this can make you feel cold and unwelcome, even if you’re wrapped up tightly. In each area of your home, it may be worth swapping your lightbulbs for warmer ones or having table lamps scattered around the house to introduce a softer glow indoors. In fact, there are many guides to warm lighting online if you need help.


Many homes are lucky enough to have a fireplace in the living area. Though it is easy to see these appliances as an essential, they can often change the entire look of a room. If you live in an old house, you can play on the vintage look of your fireplace by having buckets of specialized logs in the fire. If you live in a new-build, it’s a good idea to make sure your fireplace produces a crackle and a glow when it is on. It can change where you live from being a house into a home.