Keep Your Cool: General FAQs When Upgrading Your HVAC System

Heating and ventilation are essential types of systems for both offices and homes. It provides utmost comfortability and cozy atmosphere which makes a room an excellent place to stay at any given condition.

Furthermore, air conditioning and heating systems control the climate, humidity, and air flow to make sure that we’re not sweating and feeling cold too much. It also puts our body and mind in good condition to make sure we become efficient in doing our daily tasks.

On the other hand, your HVAC systems may suffer a regular malfunction when not taken care of properly. That said,  if you feel that your HVAC systems would not function well, take a look at these Frequently Asked Questions before you consider upgrading your HVAC setup.

What’s the right aircon size for my home?

The size of your home should be the first criteria you have to consider before replacing or upgrading your HVAC system. It determines the overall amount of energy efficiency. Make sure that the HVAC units you’re getting should reflect the configuration and size of your home.

Should I keep my current ductwork?

Ductworks are responsible for distributing the right amount of airflow for all heating and cooling systems. Make sure that you properly check your existing ductworks if it still usable for the new HVAC systems you’ll be replacing.

What qualities should I look for a new contractor?

It is critical to select the right contractors when upgrading and replacing your HVAC systems. You have to consider all certifications and licensing of your prospective contractors. They should have the proper insurance to make sure that everything is safe upon installation.

What type of HVAC unit should I select?

A lot of HVAC units are available which you can select. Most of these units come with proper engineering and design which seamlessly integrates with thermostats, furnaces, and other HVAC equipment. Here are some types of HVAC systems you can choose.

Split conditioner

It is the most usual choice of every household. It comes in two units namely the one that resides outside your home and the one that connects via coolant lines.

Packaged System

It helps in putting both units in a cabinet. It may only eat a little space and not too costly.

Variable-Speed Furnace

These are types of HVAC systems that may run for more extended periods. You may also adjust the speed depending on your needs.

Heat Pumps

It is a type of HVAC system that may work in reverse to make sure that your home has enough heating during winter. They’re better options when it comes to energy efficiency and cost-effective compared to furnaces.

Should I replace all of my HVAC systems at the same time?

Yes, it is necessary to replace and upgrade all of your HVAC systems at the same time. Bear in mind that these systems should work together correctly. You have to also purchase all furnaces, heat pumps, air con units, and other components at the same time.

What should be the total cost?

You have to obtain the right and proper estimation before choosing your contractor. You have to ask for a total breakdown of all costs such as labor cost, system pricing, thermostat charges, and other fees related to replacement.

When is the best time for HVAC replacement?

According to some HVAC system experts, it’s best to replace and upgrade your heating and cooling system after summer because a significant price drop takes place during this time. In this way, you’ll have the chance to save more money.


Heating and cooling systems do not only play a vital role to obtain total coziness of your home and workplace. It’s well-functioning equipment that needs full help and upgrade sometimes to make sure that there efficiently won’t cause any hitch.

With this in mind, looking for efficient HVAC systems that you may use to replace and upgrade your existing one should come in excellent qualities. You can ask your local repairman if you want to know more about Classic Air Conditioning and Heating systems that’s perfect for your home.