How to Turn Your Writing Skill into a Business

Writing, like any other skill, can be used to make money. You can become a professional writer if you know how to channel your writings skills. Many people who offer writing services online started writing as a hobby before they became professional writers. If you already love the write, this article will teach you how you can convert your hobby into a business.


How To Become A Professional Writer In Five Steps

  1. Carve Out A Niche

What do you love to write? Do you love fiction writing, research writing, or are you good at helping students get their essays done? Make a list of the things you’re good at and the ones you suck at. Keep in mind that while it’s a good idea to be versatile, it’s always better to focus on a particular niche for a start. With time, you can improve your skills and add more niches to the list.

  1. Improve Your Skill Before You Start Charging

People pay professional writers because they want expert work. If they didn’t know the value of an expert, they would have done the assignment themselves. So, before you start charging for your skill, make sure you’re offering something that is worth a price tag. To improve your skills, read more, write more, take online classes, and ask professionals to proofread your work. Devote at least one hour daily to improving your writing skills. Learn to type faster than you usually do because speed is a useful tool to expert writers who earn from their skill.

  1. Create A Platform

If you’re going to offer writing as a service, you need to build a platform. These days, writers earn a living remotely. You don’t need to build a brick and mortar store. All you need is a website with good followership. You can create a website on WordPress or Blogger. To make the website look professional, buy a unique domain name instead of using the website’s host domain. For example, instead of something like, paying for a domain name would make it The second looks more professional than the first.

  1. Promote Your Platform

It’s one thing to build a website and it’s another thing to increase website visibility. To promote your services as a writer, you should have a blog section on your website where you post informative articles related to what you do. Use on-page and off-page search engine optimization to make the website more visible on search engines. Also, use social media to advertise your website.

  1. Join Existing Gig Platforms

It’s not easy to kickstart a career as a writer. The truth is that it’s going to take time to create brand awareness and have people come to your website. So, a good way to speed up the process and start earning fast is to join the already existing gig market. There are many platforms that you can join to make money from writing. Some examples are Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, etc.

With these five steps, you can use your writing skills to make money. Eventually, your website will be as popular as