How to Prepare for a Home Renovation

Add Some Cushion to Your Budget 

A home renovation is exciting, but it also has the potential to be rather stressful. Whether you recently purchased one of the Calgary homes for sale with the goal to renovate it to your tastes, or you’ve decided to transform the one you’ve owned for years, being prepared can help you navigate the experience in a more positive, less stressful way.


A 2018 study of home renovation trends by Houzz found that nearly half of homeowners went over budget, which can lead to both emotional and financial stress. When renovating a home, all kinds of unexpected surprises can arise, like finding termites when tearing up a floor. Once you’ve gotten an estimate for the overall project, be sure to add another 20 percent to cushion your budget. 

Get Rid of Anything You Don’t Need and Protect Items You Want to Save

It will make it much easier to clear things out before the renovation begins by getting rid of anything you don’t really need. Go through every room and place items into three piles: sell, donate, or save. Don’t forget about what’s on the walls as tools will cause vibrations, which means they’re likely to fall. 

The belongings you plan to save need to be protected as renovations are messy. To avoid getting dust on knick-knacks and upholstery, box up everything you can, applying labels, so you know what’s inside. Whatever can’t be boxed should be covered using thin plastic wrap or by draping old sheets over them so that cleanup afterward will be much easier. If you don’t have a basement, garage, or another place to store larger items safely, you might want to rent a portable storage container that can be parked in your driveway or rent a storage unit.

Think About Security

While you’re going through everything, it’s a great opportunity to list all of your belongings and their values for insurance purposes. You’ll also want to add some security elements as there is likely to be a revolving door of people coming through, from contractors and designers to delivery men and women. If you’re going to be away, whether out of town or at work, upgrading security allows you to feel more at ease with less risk to your items. You might get a safe to protect important documents, install smart locks that can be programmed to allow access to certain people for limited periods of time, and use a video doorbell for monitoring deliveries.

Determine Where You Will Stay

While some people stay in their homes during a renovation, it’s important to determine which rooms you’ll be able to use during the process. You might have the use of just one or two rooms, which can be stressful, so you’ll want to keep those spaces clean and as free of clutter as possible. You may also need to work out a bathroom schedule if you have a big family.

If possible, consider staying with a family member or friend as it’s going to be loud, dusty, and inconvenient until the renovation is over. Even better, perhaps you can take advantage of the time to go on vacation.