How To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

As the big industries are getting challenged to minimize their carbon emissions and impact of the businesses on the environment, you can do your bit in saving the planet at a domestic level by making your home more eco-friendly.

Going doesn’t mean that you sacrifice your comfort or turn your life upside down. It simply means you use environmental resources more efficiently, minimize wastage and reduce the amount of impact your home has on the environment. You don’t have to install fancy gadgets either, unless you want to and can afford it.

Here’s how to make your home more eco-friendly.

Draw your curtains

You consume electric energy unnecessarily by switching on your light bulbs when you could be using sunlight for illumination. During the day, draw your curtains and take advantage of natural light for your domestic lighting needs.

If you must have the light bulbs on, then ensure you have LED light bulbs which have less power rating for the same illumination compared to incandescent bulbs which also produce a lot of heat that may require you to turn your air conditioner on to cool the house.  

Turn off the lights when they are not in use.

Use water efficiently

You don’t have to leave water running while you brush your teeth or do your dishes. The savings you make even for a few seconds amount to something significant in the long run.

Instead of doing your laundry every so often, accumulate your dirty laundry for even a week or two and do them at once. You will save on water and electricity but be cautious not to overload your washing machine since that may offset any of little gains you make in conserving water and power.

Also, avoid wasting lots of water as you wait for it to heat up by installing a Water Circulation Pump.

Open your windows

There is no need running the air conditioner when you can open the windows and let the house get ventilated by the window. Switching your air conditioner off even for a few hours every day reduces the pressure on the electric grid and in turn greenhouse emissions and you also get make significant savings on electric bills.

However, when the air conditioner is on, close all the windows and doors so the air conditioner doesn’t have to run for long to reach the set temperature. Your house is more eco-friendly when the air conditioner runs for less hours.

Car pool

The emissions from private cars is enormous. You will save money on car maintenance and fuel by carpooling with your neighbours and workmates. By driving your car less, you pay less for fuel, car service and make less carbon emissions on the environment.

So instead of driving yourself alone to work, carpool with like-minded friends and share your cars. You can have a rotational arrangement on whose car gets driven when so no single person shoulders the burden of car maintenance and feels exploited and overwhelmed.